An Effective Insomnia Alternative Treatment That Really Works

insomnia alternative treatment

Nearly everyone has suffered from insomnia now and again. If you have ever had trouble falling asleep, then found yourself waking up at some point during the night and being unable to get to sleep again, you have had insomnia.

There are generally considered to be three types of insomnia:

  • Insomnia that only lasts a few days is referred to as transient insomnia. Transient insomnia can be caused by nothing more than a bit of worry, or could indicate the presence of another condition.
  • If insomnia continues for several weeks, it’s called acute insomnia and is often related to stress.
  • Chronic insomnia is a much more serious condition and has persisted for over a month. This is the most serious form of insomnia and can cause disruptions in daily living, as well as being a marker for a more serious illness.

Up to half of all adults have suffered from insomnia at some point in time, and this condition will be more likely to affect women, those in a lower income group (not surprising since worry about money will definitely keep anyone awake), mental illness, or physical illnesses. Chronic pain often contributes to insomnia.

Although sleeping pills of differing strengths and possibly addictive qualities are available either over the counter or through a physician, many will prefer to look for alternative treatment for insomnia, especially if what they have been using has lost its effectiveness.

Fortunately, there are other ways to approach insomnia and beat it:

  • Melatonin is a hormone that our bodies produce to aid in sleeping. When dusk falls, our bodies start producing melatonin, but by morning the amount will drop off. An excellent way to boost melatonin is through meditation. Learning to relax and applying meditation techniques can help to stabilize your brain chemistry, releasing more melatonin, so that you can sleep soundly and well.
  • There are several herbs that have proven to be valuable in helping insomniacs relax and fall asleep without trouble. Valerian, passionflower, and chamomile are among the best known of these supplements and are usually consumed as a tea or capsule.
  • Once again, too, we find that exercise is an excellent way to help you get a good night’s sleep. An inactive body will generally be a body that is already rested when heading in to bed, while a brisk walk, or a good workout can cause enough fatigue to let you fall asleep without difficulty. However, don’t exercise too close to bedtime – it could have the opposite effect then.
  • The West really became aware of the powers of acupuncture a few decades ago. The Chinese and other Eastern people use acupuncture as an alternative treatment for insomnia, among other things. The very fine needles used with acupuncture generally cause no discomfort and this practice has been found to help those who are suffering from insomnia. Sometimes, a mild electric current will be passed through the needles to make the treatment more effective.
  • Since stress is a contributor to sleeplessness, insomnia alternative treatment can also use techniques that are designed to deal with stress, including meditation (besides its benefits in regards to melatonin) and biofeedback. Although the results may be similar, the approaches are different: meditation teaches the practitioner to shut out the world, causing both the mind and body to relax. This state of relaxation can help you fall asleep more easily, and hopefully remain asleep throughout the night. Biofeedback is a way to get more in touch with your body’s processes and learn how to control them. When learning how to do biofeedback, the person is actually attached to device by electrodes that will measure bodily changes. By learning to control the body better, either through meditation or through biofeedback, it is often possible to restore a normal sleep pattern.

It is possible to overcome your sleeplessness without having to resort to prescription medications that might only add to your problems. Trying a safe, enjoyable method, such as meditation, can help you join the millions of people who have beaten their insomnia naturally.

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