Six Practical Ways to Find Inner Peace

ways to find inner peace

Just the words ‘inner peace’ are nice to think about. They bring up feelings of calm, relaxation, and happiness. It is hard to imagine there is a person on this planet that doesn’t enjoy the feeling of having true inner peace. Everyone gets there from time to time, but who wouldn’t like to feel that more often? There are things you can do to make sure you reach a feeling of inner peace as often as possible. Consider the following six tips as great ways to find inner peace.

– Don’t Fight Reality. Certain things in life just are not going to change. Rather than battle with them in your mind, accept that they will be what they are and move on. Take the example of a man who wishes to be six feet tall, yet stops growing several inches short of that mark. Is there anything that can be done to change that reality? I don’t think so. Rather than lamenting his lack of height, he can accept himself for what he is and appreciate the advantages of being shorter.

– Get Outside. Nature is naturally peaceful – and does a great job of transferring that peace into us. Make an effort to spend time in a tranquil outdoor place as often as possible. Seek out a beautiful setting that is removed from manmade noise like traffic and cell phones. Large city parks or even campgrounds outside of town are good places to look for your own little piece of serenity.

– Smile More. As simple as it sounds, sharing a smile with other people is a great way to find peace within. When you connect more with those around you, the world seems like a better place to live as a whole. Next time you are at the grocery store, try smiling at people as they pass by. You will likely receive more than a few smiles back, and everyone will feel better – and more at peace – than they did when they walked in. Simple steps such as this go a long way toward inner peace when they become part of your daily routine.

– Live Right Now. If you are always looking off in the distance for what is to come, you will never truly be at peace. Whatever you are doing, try your best to be mentally present and give it all of your attention. The future is by definition uncertain, and therefore can be scary and unsettling. Push future plans out of your mind in favor of a ‘here-and-now’ mindset. You will be amazed at the sense of peace that can come from just living each moment for what it is.

– Focus on Others. A powerful way to gain inner peace is to give of your time and efforts to a cause outside of yourself. Pick a local charity like a food bank and volunteer on a regular basis. Knowing you are working for a cause that helps others who are less fortunate is a great feeling. When you go home at night you will feel pride, accomplishment, and inner peace knowing the world is slightly better because of your service.

– Meditate. This last point can be the easiest, and the most successful, way to find inner peace. In order to feel at peace, you need to look inside and find what really makes you happy. During the constant noise and distraction that is daily life, there is no time to think quietly about what you want to get out of your days. Making a habit of regular meditation will give you a chance to access your true thoughts, and will lead you to a greater sense of inner peace.

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