Learn How To Be A Happier Person

how to be a happier person

No one is happy all the time; everyone has up and down moments. However, if you find that you simply are not getting much enjoyment at all out of life, it may be time to learn how to be a happier person. In many ways, the happiness we get out of life is what we put into our living, and there are a number of things that can interfere with being happy:

• Being afraid of the world in general.
• Greed makes you envious, and no envious person can be happy.
• Loss of a loved one.
• Illness.
• Being stressed out from work.
• Being unable to fulfill all your dreams.
• Feeling guilty over events.

The list of why anyone is unhappy can probably go on for pages, but once you have decided that you want to be a happier person, you have taken that important first step towards your goal.

You’re Only Human

Part of learning how to be a happier person is to accept the fact that you are only a human being, not a superman or superwoman. Very often, you may make very unreasonable demands upon yourself. If you get too tied up in too many responsibilities during the day, it will leave you feeling flustered, harried, and unhappy. One person can do only so much every day, and feeling overwhelmed is a sure path to unhappiness.

However, learning how to be a happier person isn’t all that hard, and you will only need to make a few changes in your life and way of thinking to find yourself feeling better about yourself and everything else. Happiness is not out of your reach as long as you take a bit of time and effort to become a happier person.

Ways To Become Happy

The nice thing about finding out how to become happy is that it really won’t cost you anything at all. While some people may think that going out and spending a lot of money on ‘things’ will make them happy, they generally find out that once the novelty has worn off, they are just as unhappy as they were before. Happiness has to come from inside you – how you view yourself and the world.

• Laughing is actually a great way how to become a happier person. When we laugh, we increase the blood flow in our bodies and release endorphins. Skip the nightly news and instead pop a comedy CD in the player and sit back and enjoy.

• Meditation is another good method to employ to feel happier. Meditation helps you enter an advanced mental state that drives away stress and negative thoughts. Relaxation through meditation helps to release natural chemicals and hormones that counteract the effects of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Stress hormones cause you to feel nervous and unhappy, so removing them, and replacing them with your own ‘feel good’ chemicals will make the world seem a lot brighter. The positive effects of meditation will wash over into your everyday life, too.

• Keeping busy in a good way is another path how to become a happier person. Becoming involved in a new activity, rather than just plopping down in front of the TV can elevate your mood. Learning to play a musical instrument or taking up wood carving will help you feel more satisfied with yourself as well as giving you something interesting to do.

• Consciously pushing aside negative thoughts is also an important happiness exercise. It’s all too easy for you to become angry or jealous or harbor a grudge. It’s not just you; everyone does this from time to time. Whenever you feel one of these negative feeling bubbling up, consciously stop it and think of something pleasant. In time, you will train yourself to think in a more positive
vein and feel happier more of the time.

Don’t let anyone tell you that there are few ways how to become a happier person – becoming happier is within your reach if you just take a little effort to make it happen.

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