Five Tips to Avoid Stress at Work

deal with stress at work

Become more productive by managing workplace stress

We spend most of our lives at work, and it’s only natural for some stress to creep in and create problems on the job. Excessive stress can make you less effective, harm your health and affect your career. Here are five useful tips on how to avoid stress at work so that it becomes a pleasant and rewarding experience instead.

It’s all about you

Most factors in your work aren’t yours to dictate. But, there’s one thing that is – yourself. Your emotions, your behavior and your mindset are all within your control so managing them well can help you reduce the level of stress in your job and in your relationships with your co-workers. Here are some steps to reduce stress on the job.

• Improve your emotional and physical condition. Take responsibility for how you feel and how you think.

• Get rid of the negatives. Recognize your bad habits and correct your attitudes that prevent you from working smoothly with others.

• Sharpen your communication skills. Learn how to express yourself better verbally and in writing. Improve the way you relate to managers and colleagues.

Managing job stress effectively

In today’s volatile work environment, managing job stress is the key to positively influencing the different factors in your workplace. Here are five tips to help you avoid stress at work.

1. Spot the signs of excessive work stress – When you lose interest in your work or become apathetic, it may be a sign of too much work stress. This can be accompanied by physical symptoms such as having trouble concentrating; difficulty sleeping; headaches, muscle tension or digestive problems; taking too many alcoholic drinks or resorting to drugs. Watch out for these early warning signals of work stress so you can address the problem early enough.

2. Get organized – Use time management tools to prioritize your jobs and keep your work from overwhelming you. Balance your work schedule and private activities, especially those with your family. Schedule your time so you don’t have to rush from home to work, or cram too many tasks into a limited period. Take regular breaks.

3. Improve your EQ – Emotional intelligence is your ability to understand and manage emotions in order to empathize with others, communicate effectively, overcome obstacles and relieve stress. One way to improve your EQ is through regular and proper meditation. Meditation can help you acquire the key skills of emotional intelligence to quickly reduce stress and manage your emotions.

4. Get rid of bad habits – Learn to analyze your work style and recognize bad habits that create work stress. Be realistic in setting goals and resist being a perfectionist. Just do your best and learn to accept the fact that nothing is ever perfect. Walk the talk by keeping your work station clean and tidy; keep your appointments; make work schedules and stick to them. By getting your act together you can prevent yourself being one of the reasons for your own job stress.

5. Stay healthy – A broken-down body can lead to a worn-out mind. Exercise consistently to relax your mind and body, sharpen your focus and lift your spirits. Eat healthily, drink moderately and don’t smoke. Get enough good-quality sleep by sticking to a sleep schedule so you’re always well-rested and ready to meet the daily challenges your job brings.

Stress at work is as much a fact of life as work itself. Accept it and prepare for it before it gets the better of you. By following these five tips to avoid stress at work, you can head off any problems, keep your balance, stay productive and ensure a satisfying a career.

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