5 Tips To Finding Peace Within Yourself

how to find peace within yourself

How do you find inner peace? Probably the first step is realizing that the world may be wayward and for the most part, out of your control, but when it comes to your own person, you are the driver. It is your choice. To be at peace with yourself is to be better equipped to face the world. To be at peace is to be more contented with your lot in life. If you seek to find the peace within yourself, then try the following tips.

1. Live in the present moment.

An inability to let go of the past and a sense of inevitability about the future will plague the mind. Moreover, it keeps you from enjoying the present moment, from wholly focusing on the present. Take each day as it comes. It is much less burdensome, and less overwhelming, to think of what can be done today, rather than be bogged down by what should have been done yesterday, or what can happen tomorrow. Learn to appreciate events as they happen.

2. Learn to accept.

There are many things you’d like to change – but cannot – and you should be able to accept that. There are many traits that you do not have, and that are simply against your nature, and you should reconcile yourself with that. There are people around you who do not behave as they ought, and despite nudging, guiding, negotiating, debating and outright arguing, will not be swayed. You do what you can, but learn to accept that sometimes this will not result in the hoped-for outcome. Avoid getting frustrated and feeling as though you were hitting your head repeatedly against a wall, by learning to accept.

3. Forgive.

The ability to forgive is crucial for you to move on from the past, and find peace within yourself. Unless you forgive yourself, that hatred of self will be a cancer in your soul, slowly eating whatever self-respect, confidence and self-esteem you have. Not being able to forgive others will be a stone in your heart, slowly enlarging and further hardening, keeping you from feeling better about the past. Forgiveness is part of letting go. Forgiveness is easing the chokehold emotion has on you. Forgiveness opens you up to healing, growth and possibility.

4. Meditate.

Among the many benefits of meditation is calm and insight. With meditation, you are able to monitor your inner world, recalibrating your thoughts and emotions into a semblance of order, so that it makes sense. You decrease restless and obsessive thinking. You keep things in perspective and so make more accurate judgments. You develop the strength of will to withstand the onslaught of a confusing world. Any anxiety you have, any tension, will be slowly leached away, as you meditate.

5. Keep a journal.

Writing can be cathartic. In itself, it is also a method by which to gather thoughts and emotions, and make sense of them. You can style this journal in a manner most helpful to you. If you find yourself preoccupied to the point of distraction, this is one way to harness that outpouring of ideas and emotion – you can later go back to them with a cooler head. You can also use this journal to create “gratitude posts” that will remind you of the good things, the things that you lose sight of when you are worried or stressed. It can be a record of your journey to inner peace, the struggles you have gone through, and the milestones you have accomplished thus far. Who knows? Perhaps someday you may publish your journal so that it can also help someone else.

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