3 methods of unleashing the power of contentment in your life

power of contentment

Do you sometimes feel discontented with your life? This feeling of discontent can be a force for real change in your life if you allow it. Finding the power of contentment in your life can be easier than you think if you follow these 3 steps:

1. Meditating to master the art of discernment

Discernment is the art of making daily decisions about what is right for you. For example, you may discern that going for a walk after work might give you more energy and make you feel more content than sitting on the couch with a beer. The trick is, most of us are creatures of habit and making the change to living a life of discernment can be difficult.

The most effective way to make this change is to try out meditation. Meditation is a wonderful tool that can truly help to reboot your life. Practicing meditation only takes a few minutes out of your day, but in that time you can begin to make decisions about the aspects of your life you wish to cultivate and grow and the aspects you would like to discard.

Meditation works by allowing your mind to enter a deeper level of consciousness. In this state you are able to quiet the ongoing chatter of your mind and start to listen to what your deeper, subconscious self has to say. This deeper part of you is wiser than you might believe! Through practicing meditation you can achieve clarity and focus of your thoughts, allowing you to bring the wisdom of your deeper self to your everyday life.

Meditation also produces a surge of beneficial brain chemicals, called endorphins, giving you an instant experience of the power of contentment in your life. It is endorphins that are responsible for the so-called ‘runners’ high’ but you can experience the benefit of these feel-good chemicals without having to put on a pair of running shoes.

2. Learn to be gentle with yourself

Sometimes the feeling of urgency about wanting to be happy can work against you – actually keeping you from achieving contentment. Learning to be gentle with yourself means accepting that you are subject to human errors and weaknesses and learning to forgive yourself when you do not achieve your goals. Many of us are more forgiving and accepting of others than ourselves. Practicing self-acceptance and forgiveness can help you achieve contentment and peace within yourself. You may like to add some time affirming your acceptance of yourself into your meditation practice or write some positive affirmations somewhere that you will regularly see them. Reading or listening to positive words has a strong effect on your subconscious mind – with time these affirmations will become truth in your life.

3. Find the joy of now

Throughout the centuries, those wise scholars who spoke about happiness have all come back to one central principle – in order to be content, you need to discover the joy of being in the moment. Your life can so easily pass you by if you continually put conditions on your own happiness. Do you start sentences to yourself with “I will be happy when….” ? The truth is when you have that new job, that partner, more money or a different house, your life may be different, but you will not necessarily be happier or more content. Contentment is a state of mind, a choice about how you react to your life right now.

Achieving contentment in your life is possible and achievable right now. As you discover the joy in each moment and master the art of discernment, you will unlock the power of contentment in your life for good.

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