Embracing the Power of Compassion

power of compassion

What does it mean to be ‘compassionate’? How can possessing this one quality greatly improve your life? And, most importantly, what can you do to embrace the power of compassion and create a better life for yourself and others?

What is compassion?

If you’re compassionate, that means that you feel concern for others who are struggling or suffering in some way. You care about them and their situation. For instance, you may have compassion for a person who lost a loved one in an auto accident or was just diagnosed with a horrible illness.

What makes a person compassionate? Perhaps you’ve been in their position and know the hurt and pain they’re feeling. Or, maybe you have no first-hand knowledge of how it feels but you imagine how you would feel in their situation.

Benefits of compassion

While it may seem like being compassionate would bring about a lot of negative feelings because of dealing with all the pain and hurt, the opposite is true. There are quite a few benefits of embracing a compassionate disposition.

Here are just a few:

It’s the compassionate people who tend to create and take on projects designed to improve other people’s lives. Without them, humanity would be dead and suffering would be more widespread than it is today.

It increases your own gratitude. When you see others struggle, it helps to remind you that even though you have difficulties, things could always be worse.

It keeps you grounded. When you’re kindhearted, you tend to prioritize people over objects and it keeps your focus on what matters most in life.

Increasing your compassion

Maybe you’re already a compassionate person and just don’t know how to show it fully. Or, perhaps you feel like you lack in this area and want to become more generous and caring. Either way, there are several things you can do to increase your compassion toward fellow man.

#1 – Meditate

Meditation helps you feel more open and better connected to other people. It creates inspiring thoughts and increases motivation, both of which will help you stay positive when dealing with others who have fallen on hard times. After performing focused breathing, you will find that you have more energy and greater clarity, allowing you to help others to your fullest potential.

#2 – Challenge your beliefs

Sometimes we jump to conclusions when we look at other people. For instance, maybe you’ve passed by a homeless person and failed to help because you feel that they’re in that position because of their choices, like maybe they drink too much or don’t have a good work ethic. However, sometimes the reality is much different than it seems. Maybe the person just lost their entire family and didn’t know how to cope so they just walked away from their life.

Challenge your beliefs. Instead of jumping to conclusions, take the time and have the decency to find out. Hear their story. You may be surprised that they’ve done as well as they have for what they’ve been through.

#3 – Give to others

There is no greater act of compassion than giving to those less fortunate. When you donate your time, money, goods or services, you are telling them that they’re cared for, loved and worthwhile human beings. Even if you give just a little, it means massive amounts to those on the receiving end.

If you’re interested in giving to others, there are several organizations worldwide that could use your help. Check online, in the phone book, with local churches or just ask around. You’re sure to find an organization or family that could use your help.

Compassion is very powerful. It moves mountains and changes lives. Are you ready to use yours?


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