How to Achieve Enlightenment: 11 Useful Strategies

how to achieve enlightenment

There are many paths that lead towards enlightenment. Enlightenment is freedom. This freedom creates pure joy and happiness. It is the ability to transcend everyday thoughts, feelings and emotions, knowing that everything is transient and will pass. Those who are enlightened cope better with life’s changes. They are able to calmly react to things and seek sensible, workable solutions, instead of being sucked into feelings of despair.

1. Meditate

Many people believe that meditation is a key to achieving enlightenment. Various cultures, traditions and belief systems all over the world advocate meditation as a tool to become both more self-aware and more universally aware. It helps to quiet your mind and allow it to see other possibilities. It also helps you to be calmer and focused in the present moment.

Praying and other rituals are not necessary to reach an enlightened state. Some people may find them beneficial, but all that is needed is a quiet self-reflection and listening to your inner voice. Religions can be viewed as guidance by other enlightened beings, but the path to enlightenment falls to you, as an individual.

2. Be Spontaneous

Try to live each day spontaneously, without thoughts about the past and things that have been and gone and without thoughts of the future and what is to come. Live each day in the present moment, as if it is your only day. Treat each day as though it is both your first day and also your last day.

3. Live Well

Some people believe that they must suffer in order to reach true enlightenment. This is not so. Living a good, wholesome and happy life can lead to one becoming enlightened.

4. Consider Your Reactions

Most events in life are not as important as the way that people react to them. People choose how to react to things. There is always a choice between joy and sorrow, optimism and despair, generosity and greed, tolerance and intolerance, patience and impatience, courage and fear, kindness and cruelty, love and hate. You must choose your own reactions carefully.

5. Accept Life

Accept what you have. Accept the things that you cannot change. Acknowledge the good things. Do not worry about the things you perceive to be bad. As well as accepting all things, good and bad, be thankful for them. Be grateful for all the positive things in your life. Embrace the negatives and view them as opportunities for growth and positive change. Change the things that you can, let go of the things you cannot.

6. Treat Yourself Right

Love and respect yourself first. Without self love and respect, you are neither capable of giving true love and respect to another, nor fully receiving love and respect.

7. Stop Competing

Stop competing with the world. This does not mean that you should not work hard to realize your goals, but that you should start acting only for you and stop factoring others into your plans. Your goals are important to you and life is not a competition.

8. Be As One

Spend time outdoors in nature. Learn to see the oneness in everything.

9. Be Kind

Show kindness and compassion. This applies to other people, animals and nature. Appreciate all living things, and see all as worthy.

10. Keep a Healthy Open Mind

Be open-minded and do not allow society to place doubt in your mind. Adopt a non-judgmental outlook. A level of skepticism is normal, and healthy. But do be true to your own views.

11. Be Patient

The time to become enlightened varies for each person. All people have a degree of enlightenment, and the potential for further progress. It is a gradual process that occurs with dedication and diligence. There is no quick-fix way to achieve enlightenment. Patience and belief are required.

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