How to Achieve Goals Quickly in 6 Steps

how to achieve goals

You want to do this and that, but in your dark moments of candor, you admit you have barely scratched the surface of last year’s list of New Year’s resolutions. There was a wise man who once lamented the fact that we plan our vacations better than we plan our lives—is it why our vacations are more successful? Indeed, all of us make goals—we even boast about our goals to friends—but only few actually achieve them. How do the successful actually achieve success? Because they know how to achieve goals, is the answer. You can also start on the right path with the following tips to make your dreams a reality

1. Identify

If you’re so concerned about how to achieve goals, but don’t really know what exactly are your specific goals, then it’s no wonder why you’re getting nowhere. The first important step in goal achievement, therefore, is to actually identify those goals. Keep those goals specific and tangible, such as “I want to shed 25 pounds in six months” or “I want to complete writing this novel before April.” Avoid vague goals like, “I want to lose weight.”

2. Meditate

Once you have identified your goals, “program” your mind to also work subconsciously toward the achievement of those set goals. You can do this by meditation. By setting aside a few minutes each day meditating on your goals, you are basically getting the powerful assistance of your subconscious mind. Meditation also works deeply on a psychological and emotional level—the results of countless studies have shown how meditation eliminates anxiety and gives us an unshakeable sense of well-being. And when we’re feeling good, we’re in the best overall position to go for it.

3. Keep your goals high enough to inspire you, but not so unrealistically high

Set the bar high, and if you know how to achieve goals, then much better. However, you must keep your set goals not only concrete, but also realistically achievable so that you’ll know in your heart you will achieve them. However, do not set ridiculously high goals (such as “I will amass 10 billion dollars by the end of this year”, which can be achievable only if you’re someone like Bill Gates) as such would not serve the purpose and would only leave you flustered.

4. Be totally anal

As an effective rejoinder to the “be realistic and concrete” tip is to actually write down your detailed game plan in daily, weekly or longer term timelines. The wisdom behind this is to make your goal achievement endeavors manageable. For example, if you’re writing a book, you may set as your daily goal, “Write 500 words.” In this way, you will derive satisfaction from meeting your micro-goals every single day without losing sight of the ultimate long-term goal. Be as detailed as possible, including daily or weekly schedules. Do this as if you’re getting paid to do it.

5. Revel in the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction

This is related to the meditation tip: spend at least a few minutes each day imagining in vivid detail how awesome you would feel when you finally achieve your goal. This is a mental and emotional effort: while imagining the visuals, you also summon the exhilaration of accomplishment and dwell in it.

6. Set goals that are truly close to your heart

The matter of how to achieve goals is much easier and understandable if you only set goals that are truly in alignment to your personal principles and passions. If you set a goal that you don’t really feel doing—if, for example, you’re only in it for financial gain—then achieving it may be unlikely.

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