How to Overcome Fear Effectively


Fear is one of life’s greatest let-downs; you miss out on the joys of life because of fear. Unfortunately, most fear is caused by anxiety and the unknown. The human mind has the tendency to take control and to make all things mapped out for him or her. However, life is too big to be subjugated under one’s limited power, thus the inadequacy to arrange events and incidents under predictable and controllable means.

Consequently, many suffer unexplained pains and diseases as a result of their inability to overcome fear or even because of their inability to identify this tormenting emotion. As a matter of fact, a number of individuals wake up in the morning tired and sad, and simply dismiss it as stress. However, the real condition of stress is often a product of fear or it in itself is even fear in disguise.

To overcome stress, try developing the following attitude and mind control: forget the past; focus on the present; and plan for the future.

Forget the past

A number of people go along life with a lot of baggage from the past. Even old people spend time looking back to the past and regret that they have not done something they should have done. They go on life wishing they could have done otherwise. For others, they keep some issues in the past and tend to cover up for them afraid that such things will affect or ruin their lives in the present. These skeletons in the closet can sometimes be so burdensome that keeping them hidden takes a lot of effort and consumes your energy.

The best way to deal with past failures and regrets is to bury them completely. Bear in mind that you cannot undo what has been done. Learn to live with the consequences of past actions and make the best of the present so that you will no longer be adding more skeletons to your past.

Focus on the present

There is no greater privilege than enjoying the gift of living in the present. Make the most of every opportunity; live as if it is your last day every single day of your life. With this kind of attitude, you begin to invest in things that really matter. You will realize that you can let go of unnecessarily regretting the way things were in the past and be happier and excited about each moment in the present.

Moreover, looking at things positively makes you enjoy the present. First accept that life can never be perfect. Once in a while there are unexpected challenges that ruffle your plans; but knowing that you cannot have all the good things all the time can change your perspective. Simply acknowledging that every problem has a solution is good way of developing a positive attitude.

Plan for the future

For many people, fear of the unknown is their greatest struggle. Most, if not all, of the future is unpredictable; thus, whatever preparations one may have cannot assure him or her perfect future. However, you can learn from your present and be assured that the future can somehow be prepared for.

Setting a plan based on expert advice and knowledge about the possibilities in the future is a good step to lessen your worry of what is to come. For instance, you are aware that the economy will not be as good as you wish it would be so you can do extra measures by saving for the future or eliminating unnecessary expenses in the present.

Meditation for mind control

You can effectively accomplish the above mentioned attitude by gaining control over your mind. Make the mind submit to your will by constantly meditating. Once in a while, such as a few minutes each day, set a time when you can just close your eyes and empty your mind of all that bothers you. Then slowly visualize only the positive things especially the ones that you are going to do in that specific day. Do this as often as you are tempted to drift back to the past or when worry threatens you. This is a way of cleansing your thoughts which greatly affects your feelings and your actions.

Finally, be reminded that life is what you make of it. You are still the main actor who can make and unmake your life. Learning to identify the things that frighten you and overcoming many of these unfounded fears can make life easier to bear. Life can never be perfect but it can be light and good; and it all depends on you.

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