How to Overcome Loneliness, What You Need to Know

how to overcome loneliness

At a certain point in one’s life, he or she may have experienced loneliness. It can be felt by a baby when the familiar voice and scent of his or her mother is missing; it can be felt by a child on his or her first day in school; it can be felt by parents when all their children have gone to build their own families; but the most severe loneliness is when a loved one dies.

Being alone does not necessarily mean a person is lonely. As a matter of fact, there are many people who feel so lonely even in a crowd or in a party. Being in the company of people does not ensure one is not lonely. In order to battle this negative feeling, one has to identify the source of loneliness; learn to avoid factors that trigger it; find means to cope with it; and exercise mind control.

Identify the Source of Loneliness

Determining the source of loneliness is one of the best steps in overcoming it. The most common cause of loneliness is separation which may either be temporary or permanent. In the stages of human development, one has to go through several separations. However, the deepest feeling of loneliness in this situation is when you know you will be parted for life such as a death of a loved one. Another source of loneliness is failure or a poor self-image. When a person sees himself or herself negatively, he or she tends to fail and become miserable. Having no one to belong to or having no one to support you is another trigger to become lonely. Lastly, loneliness can also be a biologically induced feeling. People get lonely when they are sick because they are in pain and that they are not able to pursue what make them happy or fulfilled. In other cases, it can be caused by hormonal changes especially in women.

Learn to Avoid Factors that Trigger it and Cope

The feeling of being alone and sad is usually associated with being lonely. Most often loneliness is associated with being alone and having no one to talk to or to share life with. In addition, it is a state of being when one is simply sad and mirth seems to be out of place even he or she is in the midst of happy people or a happy occasion. This negative feeling saps one’s energy and desire to live. Some extreme cases end in sickness or suicide.

Having known the sources, you can begin to adjust your activities to avoid and overcome such tendencies. Live life to the fullest: make lots of good friends; go out and socialize; be physically fit and beautiful; know your body clock; and seek expert advice.

Exercise Mind Control

Many causes of loneliness are imaginary. It must be understood that feelings are affected by the things you think about. When there is too much analysis and interpretation of other people’s attitude or actions towards you, you can end up feeling bad. In addition, believing or getting affected by everything you hear or told to you will give you an unhealthy feeling.

The best thing to do is to cleanse your thought life. Be more objective; be less affected by events around you; and be free of all negative thoughts. Most often, the mind can create imaginary monsters that dampen your joy and happiness. Be the master of your thoughts and never allow unpleasant thoughts to get through. You can do this emptying your mind regularly through minutes of meditation and reflection. Taking this time out everyday, if possible, can give you a healthy mind, body and emotions.

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