Top 5 Goal Setting Techniques For Success

goal setting techniques

Goal setting is a great way for you to enhance your journey to success and feel inspired all along the way. While it is extremely important to dream and dream big, it is even more important to set smaller goals or “milestones” along the way. By setting and achieving smaller goals, you give yourself the gratification and motivation needed to reach that bigger goal.

The biggest mistake is setting a goal that is unreachable, primarily because you will have to wait too long for that gratifying feeling which could lead to a lack of motivation and inspiration to keep pushing forward. It is also important to research different goal setting techniques to find out which is the best to help you achieve success.

No one is saying that hitting your goals is going to be a piece of cake, but setting sub-goals is no doubt an easier and more gratifying way to reach your final destination.

Here are a few tips when it comes to setting your goals:

1. Set a goal you can achieve! Feel the gratification of hitting that goal, and then continue on to the next goal. Gratification, motivation and inspiration are essential to achieving your bigger goal.

2. Get Detailed – Be as specific as possible with your goals, that way you have already mapped out the expected out-come of your goal. For example, instead of just writing down that you want to get a good job when you graduate, write down exactly where you want to work and why. This will give you a more solid idea of what your goal is, and give you something to hope for even more.

3. Be Flexible – One of the best goal setting techniques is flexibility. If you think that there is no way to reach your current goal, don’t feel guilty about tweaking it a bit. If your goal is to move out of your apartment in six months and into a house, once you hit that five month mark and you see fit, extend your goal time to keep yourself dedicated to the final outcome, which is moving into that house. If it happens in eight months instead of six, it is still a great achievement and you have still hit your goal, even if it took a little longer than expected.

4. Reward yourself – Wait! Before rewarding yourself, you must achieve a goal! Every time you hit a goal you set, reward yourself with something nice. Obviously if your goal was to lose weight, don’t go and reward yourself with a big slice of cake, but with something respective of the goal.

5. Meditation – Visualization can be an integral part of goal setting. Once you put your body and mind into a meditative state, visualization can be great to put yourself into hypothetical situations to see your reaction, and also helps to improve and identify certain aspects of your mood behaviors. Meditation has been proven to eliminate stress, anxiety and allow you to think with clarity and focus. Many successful people have been using meditation as a goal setting technique for ages…do they know something we don’t? Not anymore! Try out meditation as a goal setting technique, it may be the best thing you ever did!

Another key ingredient not to be forgotten is positivity! Thinking and keeping positive can have great effects on your mind, body, spirit and allow you to have fun on the journey to your achieving your goals. All of the above goal setting techniques are proven to work, so start putting them to use today for a more fulfilled life!

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