3 Ways How To Strengthen Your Immune System For Better Health

how do you strengthen your immune system

In a way, your body is actually a fortress that is constantly being besieged by a host of very nasty characters. In the struggle to survive, a number of pathogens may decide that you look like a great place to live and/or a delicious meal. If your immune system is not operating as strongly as it should, you can be vulnerable to attack by

• Bacteria
• Viruses
• Fungi
• Parasites

Your immune system is made up of leukocytes, which are white blood cells. These tough guys are produced by different areas of your body, such as your spleen, bone marrow, appendix (see it actually does have a purpose), Lymph nodes, and adenoids, among others. There are two kinds of leukocytes: phagocytes, which are like pit bulldogs that bite and chew invaders up, and lymphocytes, which keep track of previous attacks and help the body remember how to deal with them more easily (immunity).

How The Immune System Can Go Wrong

Normally, when your body is invaded by antigens (the bad guys), an alarm is sounded and your immune system gears up for a counterattack; unless something has happened that has weakened your chances of fighting the invaders off. Your immune system can be compromised because of a number of factors, such as not getting enough sleep, stress, poor diet, smoking, and obesity.

Taking a look at the things that can damage your immune system, you can see that it is easily within your power to find how to strengthen your defenses. None of the above negative factors are irreversible; you just have to make the effort to change your lifestyle to get your body functioning as it should once again.

You will definitely know that your immune system needs help when you keep coming down with colds, flu, or other illnesses. Feeling sick all the time is no fun, so start now on a program that will make you stronger and more resistant to antigens of all kinds.

How To Strengthen Your Immune System

When your immune system is not operating as it should, not only will you be sick a good deal of the time, but you will also feel fatigued and depressed. If you suspect that a faulty immune system could be at the heart of your troubles, there are steps you can take that will restore and strengthen your body so that it will be able to fight off antigens much more easily.

• Watching what you put into your mouth is a good place to start. Smoking and drinking too much alcohol will weaken your immune system badly. Tobacco products and alcoholic beverages contain toxins of all kinds that affect your organs, tissues, and cells. Along with watching your alcohol and tobacco consumption, it is also important to eat correctly. Too much sugar, especially, has been linked to weakening the immune system. Eating healthier foods and cutting back on sugar is a good way how to strengthen your immune system

• Obesity also has a negative impact on how well you fight off illnesses. It seems that being fat actually prevents your white blood cells from being activated, meaning that your body is unable to mount a good defense when something like flu viruses show up. Losing weight will not only help you look better, but it will also give your immune system the chance to do the job it is meant to do.

• Meditation has been found to be an excellent way how to strengthen your immune system. Studies have shown that meditation increases brain activity in areas of the brain that have direct influence of how many antibodies are produced in response to exposure to illness. Meditation increases the amount of DHEA in your body, which also serves to make your immune system stronger.

There are a number of excellent ways how to strengthen your immune system, and they are basically things you can do yourself. Taking a bit of time and effort, and perhaps making some lifestyle changes, can help make you a healthier person.

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