9 Facts About Telepathic Communication

telepathic communication

1. A Basic Explanation of Telepathy

Telepathy describes receiving thoughts or feelings from another person over distance, without using one of the five typical senses of sight, sound, touch, taste or smell. It is more likely to happen between people who have an existing close relationship.

Twins often say that they can sense each others’ feelings, no matter what the distance between them. They seem to have an automatic birth-link. It is possible though to have this means of communication with anyone though, and some people can tune in telepathically to animals.

A telepathic relationship is borne from the concept that all beings originate from the same source; some call this a spiritual source, others a natural source, and others a universal force.

2. Who is Telepathic?

Everyone is born with a telepathic gift, it is learning how to use this gift that prevents many people from being able to communicate in this way. Lack of awareness, skepticism and general societal views are often big factors in people locking out this special intuitive ability.

Some cultures openly acknowledge communication in this way, for example the Japanese, who have a word to describe the special relationship and oneness between lovers that is borne from telepathic understanding.

3. Learning to Communicate with Telepathy

A relaxed state greatly increases telepathic powers. Meditation can help to relax the mind and body and make you more receptive to receiving and sending telepathic communications. It also assists with ridding your mind of unwanted and unnecessary thoughts. Open mindedness enhances the chances of telepathic communications; a closed mind is less likely to be able to transmit or receive effectively.

Try not to listen too much to those who doubt. A healthy amount of scepticism is normal, but once you believe in something yourself, do not allow others to change your views with their disbeliefs and negativity.

When attempting to project a message telepathically, visualise the recipient in great detail. Imagine that they are standing in front of you and picture giving them a message, maybe imagine that you are talking to them over the telephone.

4. Patience

When practicing telepathy, remember that like any skill it takes time to perfect. Do not expect instant results over night. Your talents will improve with practice.

5. Health

Good health and well-being is beneficial to effective communication. Everything is weaker when you are sick, including the ability to project thoughts and feelings.

6. Knowing it Works

As you send your thoughts, you should intuitively get a feeling that your message has been sent. When this happens, stop projecting your thoughts. If you receive telepathic communications from another person, you may feel that you are imagining things. This is normal, but do not disregard the thoughts, listen to them and remember them.

7. How Are Communications Received?

Communications can be received by way of feelings, emotions, thoughts, images and desires. Some people can communicate telepathically when dreaming.

Clairvoyance is the term given to a message received in a visual form. Hearing an inner voice is referred to as clairaudience. A feeling is termed as clairsentience, and paracognition refers to an instant knowing of something.

8. Benefits of Telepathy

When you connect with other beings, you are able to relate to them at a higher level; a greater understanding is created. This can have profound impacts on all your relationships.

In the case of animals, you can understand the needs and wants of your beloved pet, who cannot communicate with you verbally as a person would. Additionally, animals can often sense danger before it becomes immediately apparent. By tuning into the feelings of animals this can help to protect you against potential harmful situations.

The art of telepathy provides a more efficient means of communicating. It is environmentally friendly, free, location of either party is not important and it is instantaneous. Imagine wanting to get in touch with someone in a remote location. No longer must you rely on sketchy internet connections or feeble mobile phone signals to do so.

9. Preventing Telepathic Communications

It is possible to block others from being able to send and receive telepathic communications to and from you. Imagine locking the door to your mind to that person. This requires a lot of work on your part, as it is likely that you have become so tuned in with another person that sharing your thoughts is almost an automatic process.

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