3 Asthma Breathing Techniques to Help You Breathe Easy

asthma breathing techniques

Have you ever wondered why some people have trouble breathing due to coughing, allergies, chest tightness or shortness of breath while other people have no trouble with such things? If everyone breathes the same air, what is it that makes breathing so troublesome for some people? The way in which we breathe will make a big difference to how we react to things such as dust, smoke, pollen and chemicals that are in the air. Properly breathing is as important to good health as your diet and exercise routine.

When we consciously think about the way we are breathing, we can retrain the body to breathe properly. Thinking about what part of your body you are using to breathe and how much air you are taking in, plus your pattern of breathing and the rhythm and rate of your breathing will make a difference in your breathing overall. Those with asthma, for instance, generally use only a small part of their lungs, which is what causes them to have the shallow breathing. An asthmatic person is not filling up their lungs all the way, so they breathe more quickly to make up for their body’s need for oxygen. Breathing rapidly like this tired the costal and thoracic muscles. This is what causes the gasping for air during an asthma attack.

Using Yoga to Control Your Breathing

You need to learn how to breathe right when you have asthma, and asthma breathing techniques can be the best answer to this problem. Using Yoga is one of your best options to show you how to breathe properly with one of its five principles called pranayama. This is when you learn how to inhale slowly through your mouth, fill up your abdomen and then count to five. You then exhale slowly out your nose. When you breathe this way you fill up your lungs completely. This lets more oxygen in to reach your blood. Pranayama will also give you better management of your asthma and help you to prevent episodes.

Buteyko – The Breathing Method from Russia

Another asthma breathing technique for better breathing is the buteyko method. It comes from Russia, going back more than ten years. This technique focuses on encouraging breathing through your nose, directing your breathing to your lower chest area, purposeful hypoventilation, reduces your muscle tone and will also make your posture better by relaxation.

Breathing Better Through Meditation

Although mediation can be done in many ways and for several reasons, one of the things its best for is teaching asthmatics to breathe easier. The whole act of relaxing your whole body and mind is often used as an asthma breathing technique to teach asthmatics how to breathe properly. Through meditation, you are letting all other thoughts and your surroundings go for the moment. Instead, you focus on your breathing, spending at least a minute starting out simply making observation of how you are breathing and feeling the air pass through your body as it goes in your nostrils and throat to when you exhale through your mouth. In this way, you won’t have to purposely slow down your breathing; it will wind up slowing down on its own.

For asthmatics, learning proper asthma breathing techniques is essential to be able to breathe correctly. Learning these techniques will also give them more energy, help them to sleep better and reduce their stress levels. Plus, by breathing properly, their blood circulation will improve, their oxygen supply to their cells will go up, the strain on their heart will be eased and they will be able to either stimulate or calm their nervous system.

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