5 Creative Problem Solving Techniques That Really Work

creative problem solving techniques

Solving problems is a fact of daily life. Having to deal with difficult problems is something which you encounter regularly, but sometimes you need to think of a more creative solution for solving problems. None more so does this come into play than in the world of business. Here are five different creative problem solving techniques you can use to aid you in overcoming some of the inevitable problems in daily life.

1. Focus on the Issue

When thinking up a creative solution it’s tempting to wander elsewhere. Although in this situation the world seems like your oyster, you must stay concentrated on the task at hand. If your goal is to reduce the costs of your next big project, concentrate solely on this. Any other advantages which come with your creative solution are a bonus and shouldn’t influence whether you settle on this solution.

2. Use What’s Around You

One of the most important creative problem solving techniques is bouncing ideas off other people. Ask somebody how to get from point A to point B and their answer could be radically different from somebody else. No matter how creative you are, you will never have all the answers. Discover something creative by using the ideas of others. There are always alternative which you haven’t thought of.

3. Trade-Offs

The MRIZ methodology is a creative problem solving method originating in Russia. When bulletproof glass was invented it had the benefits of defending against bullets. At the same time, on vehicles, it obscured the view of the driver. To solve the problem they implemented a trade-off where they used smaller panes of bulletproof glass. When a bullet hit the glass only one of the panes broke, so the view of the driver wasn’t restricted massively.

Do the same thing with your problem. If there’s a grand solution with some teething issues, think about another way of making the same solution work. Working around any lingering problems isn’t a problem because perfection isn’t essential.

4. Meditation

Transfer yourself away from the noise-filled world of today and spend a few minutes in deep meditation. The benefits of meditation in reducing stress and anxiety are well-known, but what many people don’t know is it enhances problem solving skills. By stimulating specific brain waves, you have a better chance of solving your problem.

More specifically, it’s the theta brain wave which meditation stimulates. This wave improves problems solving skills and often provides a vital spark of inspiration. Combined with reduced stress, this is one of the essential creative problem solving techniques.

5. Do More

Go further by thinking about what doesn’t exist today. One of the enemies of creativity is the here and now. The main reason nothing moves forward is because you are thinking about what exists now. Instead of copying this design feature, come up with your own solution. Train your mind to believe there are no limits to what it can think of. Just because part of an idea doesn’t exist now doesn’t automatically eliminate it from possible use.

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