5 Ways to Find Yourself

ways to find yourself

Do you ever wonder who you are and what you’re meant to do with your life? Have you ever felt like you aren’t complete or that there’s something missing?

Some people spend their entire lives trying to find themselves. They search and search for answers to their own questions, but still feel like their clueless and unsure of their own reality.

You don’t have to fall into that category. You can find yourself. You just have to know where to look.

Spend time alone. With all the hustle and bustle of today’s world, you’re always surrounded with something that is distracting. Whether it’s the TV, radio, cell phone or internet, there’s always something or someone that is vying for your attention.

However, if you want to find yourself, it requires that you spend some time by yourself in peace and quiet. You have to remove everything else that is clouding your mind and thought process.

One of the best ways to become in tune with yourself when you’re alone is to meditate. It clears your head of all the distractions and allows yourself to tap into your own intuitiveness.

Discover your passion. Figure out what lights your fire and stokes your ambition. What excites you and makes you want to jump in and take action?

One way to do this is to ask yourself certain questions. What would you do if you were guaranteed success? Where would you be if money were no object? What would you fight for until you had no life left in you? What topics are near and dear to your heart?

When you discover what it is that motivates you, what dream you have yet to fulfill, then you will have found a piece of yourself that may have been buried for quite some time. Dig it up, clean it off and make it shine.

Leave the past behind. You can’t ever truly know who you are if you stay stuck in things that happened long ago. Number one, you won’t have the energy. Number two, you won’t have the clarity.

If you want to move forward, you have to quit looking behind you. Maybe things happened that you aren’t proud of, or perhaps you wish you had made better choices. The thing is that you can’t change what has already happened. Admit it, accept it and let it go.

Remove your ceilings. Just as you have to release the past to find yourself, you also have to let go of expectations of the future. If you have your mind set on how things are going to happen, you close it to any opportunities and limit your responses. Essentially, you create a ceiling for yourself.

Don’t get so caught up in how things should be that you don’t look at all of the possibilities of what can be. It can be hard to do because we all have generalizations based upon our experiences. We believe that things will go a certain way because that’s how they went in the past or that’s what we’ve heard others say.

It’s okay to have an idea of what is going to happen. Just don’t limit yourself to thinking that there’s only one way it can happen. Try to think outside the box.

Help others. There is probably no better way to find out who you truly are than to help others find out who they are. Help them be the best that they can be and you will automatically do the same for yourself without even trying.

When you give of yourself to someone with no expectation of anything in return, you learn what’s important to you. You covet the meaning that the experience holds for you.

Pick something that interests you and commit to making a difference in someone else’s world. Help an elderly person do housework. Volunteer at a homeless shelter. Help someone who is in need.

Finding yourself may take time, but the reward is there when you finally realize who you are and what you’re about. There will be no more searching because you’ll know.

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