An Easy Guide to the Law of Attraction and Manifestation: Seven Top Tips

law of attraction and manifestation

When you focus intently on something, a vibrational energy is created which will attract energy of the same frequency. Like attracts like, so it works for negative, as well as positive, outcomes. With careful and dedicated practice, you should soon start to see coincidences emerging in your life and positive changes occurring. There are seven handy strategies for making the Law of Attraction work for you, and to ensure manifestation of the things you want:

1. Visualization

Be creative when you set your goals. Visualize them vividly and try to incorporate many of your senses. What do your goals look like? What do they sound like? How will you feel? Imagine the feelings as though they are real now. Are there any fragrances, tastes or touch sensations associated with what you want? Picture yourself in the moment, with clarity. It is important for you to play an active role in your imagination. Create a perfect scene in your mind where you can retreat to at other times. Each time you think of it, the scene will become clearer and easier to get to. Return to your perfect setting often. The more you practice, the quicker the manifestations take place.

Do not allow your mind to become bogged down with negative thoughts. Your brain is neutral, and focuses on what you choose to allow it to. Channel your thoughts and intentions correctly. Meditate on your goals. This can help to fuse the conscious and sub-conscious parts of us, whilst freeing our minds from distracting everyday matters. Always clear your mind before beginning any meditations; training our minds to be still also trains us how to focus them on particular issues.

2. Clarity

Understand clearly why you want something. This gives you the correct mindset and willpower to send out the correct requests without conflicting intentions confusing matters. Your goals must really strike a chord deep within you.

3. Detachment

Do not attach too much weight to an outcome. Want something, desire it, but do not let yourself feel that you need it. The Law of Attraction states that when you focus on things with enough intent, it will eventually appear. But we must wait patiently, and with a sense of gratitude for what we will receive. You should imagine what you want, visualize having it, act as though you already have it, but then give no attention to the final outcome occurring.

Use affirmations to maintain focus, but do not become obsessive.

4. Patience

Do not set time-frames for things; they will happen when they are meant to. Be content with the knowledge that the universe has received your intentions and will work on them when the time is right.

Feel at peace with things you do not know or understand. Do not try too hard to understand everything, rather allow yourself to open up to not fully knowing things, and feel comfortable with this situation. Accept things, and you will soon find that the knowledge and understanding finds you, rather than you finding it.

5. Gratitude

Learn to be happy with what you already have in your life. Appreciate life and have fun. Positive thoughts and feelings attract more positivity.

6. Trust

Trust in your inner self, and the wider world around you. Free yourself from fear and self-imposed emotional and mental chains.

7. Action

Take positive steps to realize your desires. It is not enough to just rest on your laurels waiting for something to happen. When coincidences happen, explore why. Act on your intuitions. Help the universe to help you. Contacts that come into your life are there for a reason, find out why. Follow opportunities and be active in pursuing your goals.

Lead a good life. Good things happen to good people. The Law of Attraction can show us the way to go, and help us along the way, but ultimately it is up to us to shape our futures and manifest the life that we should be living.


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