Creative Methods to Solve your Problems

creative problem solving methods

It is generally thought that creative ability is an inherent factor in certain people who were lucky enough to be born with it. However, it is in reality a natural, systematic thought process, producing creative methods to solve your problems. This benefit not only relates to paid employment, but also is applicable to parenting and other challenges in life, such as being a responsible citizen. Awareness of creative problem solving methods enables you to discover solutions that save time, effort and even relieve mental and financial associated stress

1. Defining and adjustment

Many people panic instead of adjusting to their situation and become immersed in a maze of non-productive effort. They are then surprised when the situation instead of improving, deteriorates. The effort and time used in this fruitless exercise demonstrates how misguided hard work and unproductive it is, if not directed at the heart of a problem.

Unless you know the true nature of a problem, you cannot solve it and this is where creative methods to solve problems help you evaluate and recognise it. If there is more than one issue, stay calm and view the situation objectively. Determine which problem is critical and concentrate only on that.

2. Researching the problem and preparing a solution

In most instances making decisions involves some form of research, as you cannot find the right solution if you do not have correct information. Using creative methods to solve your problems, means finding out how this particular problem was resolved by others, the aids they used, cost and how long it took! Your specific knowledge, experience and new technology when added to this information, helps you find a more effective solution to your problem.

3. The Power of your subconscious

Once you have completed the previous stage, it is now time to enlist the help of your subconscious, which according to psychologists should not be underestimated. The information you have accumulated is processed by your subconscious, without you realizing it, whether you are awake or sleeping, to determine creative methods in problem solving.

It has been discovered that the ancient art and belief in meditation also helps in expanding your level of consciousness. By providing the benefit of freeing the mind from distractions and improving the attention span, the mind is honed and a new mental resilience is introduced.

4. Your Brilliant Revelation

Many people have suddenly and without warning experienced a moment of sheer brilliance, when an idea, concept or a solution becomes apparent. Some refer to it as genius, but this is how your subconscious decides to reveal creative methods to solve problems. A crucial aspect to this moment is that you do not miss or ignore the message.

5. Confirmation and Evaluation

You now have your creative methods to solve your problems and it is time to be hypercritical and analyze every aspect for any existing or potential faults. Determine whether it meets your requirements or needs to be improved. You have gained the skill of being creative in solving problems and a significant advantage in managing your lifestyle.

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