Don’t Be Paralyzed By Depression And Anxiety

dealing with depression and anxiety

Dealing with depression and anxiety can be agonizing and frustrating and millions of people deal with both conditions every single day. Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars each year on advertising to convince us that the solution to depression and anxiety can be found in a medication.

Unfortunately, the drugs that are typically prescribed are expensive and have undesirable side effects. If your goal is permanent relief, it is best to turn to natural, drug-free cures for depression and anxiety.
Exactly how do we define anxiety and depression?

Anxiety: This is a general term for several types of disorders. The symptoms include fear, nervousness, worry and apprehension. Anxiety sufferers worry about a vast array of life’s issues and often their fear is out of proportion to the problem. Many of the things they fret about never even transpire in their lives. In severe cases anxiety can be debilitating to the point that it seriously interferes with a person’s ability to function. It can escalate to the point that it becomes impossible to hold down a job or nurture a relationship.

Depression: While anxiety is focused on worry, depression is a form of profound sadness that leaves a person drained, demoralized and exhausted. Depression often manifests itself in physical symptoms such as muscle pain, digestive disorders, sleep disturbances and perpetual tiredness. People who suffer from depression lose energy, hope and motivation. In extreme cases depression leads to substance abuse or attempted suicide.

People who suffer from both of these conditions at once have a double-whammy that can seriously affect their lives and the lives of those around them. Fortunately there are many natural treatments, including meditation, which can make a profound difference. When practiced regularly, meditation helps remove the layers of emotions that are at the root of anxiety and depression.

Mindfulness Meditation Can Help

Mindfulness meditation is particularly beneficial for people who suffer from anxiety and depression. This type of meditation will gradually bring about permanent changes in a person’s levels of happiness and contentment. Mindfulness encourages a person to live in the moment and dismiss worries about things that happened yesterday or fears about things that may happen in the future.

Chase Away The Negative Beliefs

When a person is completely alone with their thoughts they are better able to understand the unhealthy beliefs that lurk in the subconscious. Once the damaging beliefs are understood it becomes easier to address them and eventually eliminate them. The limiting thoughts become like “things” that just come and go. When your mind gets the negativity in perspective, it is Iess likely to fester and grow in the subconscious mind.

Meditation Boosts Neurotransmitters

Meditation boosts DHEA, a neurotransmitter that helps alleviate depression and improves a person’s sense of psychological and physical well-being. It also increases the levels of GABA, which stabilizes mood disorders. Anxiety and tension have been linked to low levels of GABA.

Serotonin levels are also increased through meditation. Serotonin has a major influence over mood and behavior and low levels can lead to depression, insomnia, obesity, sleep apnea, migraines and fibromyalgia.

Mediation boosts neurotransmitters called endorphins that are associated with the “feel good” aspects of a runner’s high. Endorphins play a key role in feelings of calmness and well-being.

While a person is in the safe haven of a meditative state, they are able to gradually deal and dispense with negative emotions. If you or someone you love is struggling with depression and anxiety, try this safe, natural alternative for effective and lasting relief.

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