Five Great Ways to Always Trust Yourself

always trust yourself

When you think of successful people in life, what do you think of? Money, fame, popularity, and accomplishment are likely things that came to mind. Those are some of the outcomes of success, but they are not the building blocks. When you look deeper at the backgrounds of successful people, they all have one thing in common. They aren’t necessarily always the smartest people in the world, or even the hardest working. They don’t always come from a privileged childhood either. What successful people do have in common is that they consistently trust in themselves throughout their lives. Having the courage of ones’ own convictions to stick with a plan or idea even through tough times is what separates successful people from those who fall short. Always trusting yourself is an incredibly valuable trait that is not as common as you might think. The following five tips will help you to look inside and find the trust you need to reach your goals.

– Be Surrounded with Trust. A safe, comfortable, trusting environment is a great start toward trusting yourself. If those around you can be trusted and have your best interests in mind, you will be more inclined to believe in yourself. This can take time, but try to remove people from your inner circle who are not trustworthy and make you doubt what they say. That kind of uneasy relationship can make you start to question everything – including your own thoughts and instincts.

– Give Yourself a Good Reason. Trust doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It is developed through time, hard work, and success. For example – if you want to trust yourself to deliver an important presentation at work, spend the time to practice the material. Trust can be built through repetition and success. When the moment of truth arrives, your inner trust will be there because it has seen you do it time after time in practice.

– Talk it out. Self-doubt can begin to run rampant when you internalize everything. Find a trusted friend or family member to confide in and talk out your trust issues. Go into detail about what the specific things are that you doubt about yourself, and why you think that is the case. Even if the other person doesn’t have anything to add, the action of talking it out will help you work through the lack of self-trust. Most likely, as you talk out the problem you will start to realize that you have many more reasons to trust yourself than you thought you did.

– Let Others Trust You. If you want to trust yourself more, be trustworthy to others first. Follow through on promises, and hold up your end of any commitments you make. Subconsciously, you will feel good about being a trustworthy person in general, and will have an easier time drawing on those feelings when you need to trust yourself. Our minds are not easily tricked; they use what is real and what they have experienced to make future decisions. If your brain has memories of you being worthy of trust, that will be the natural inclination going forward.

– Meditate. There is an inner belief deep down within all of us, but often the busyness of life keeps it from coming out. Meditation works by slowing down your thoughts and letting you find moments of calm amid the chaos. During these quiet times, you brain will be able to re-organize and sort out what is real from what is just stress and needless worry. When you emerge from meditation, you will feel focused, motivated, and more in touch with yourself as a person. All of these feelings are great for building long lasting trust in yourself.

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