How to Achieve Inner Peace with Five Timeless Thoughts

how to achieve inner peace

“He who lives in harmony with himself, lives in harmony with the universe” ~Marcus Aurelius~

Searching for inner peace is indeed a wonderful idea, but it is not easy to find peace within. Since many people end up searching for it in the wrong places, stress in life keeps on growing.

The following are 5 ways that can help you find peace in your life and will help you disconnect from your daily stressful routine.

Get Connected to Nature

Nature is where we belong. It is our roots. Spending time inside concrete, steel and brick buildings throughout the day, we usually forget where we actually belong. When near nature, we feel comfortable, peaceful and happy.

Whether you take a walk in the part or go on an adventure journey in a forest, being close to nature is always a peaceful and serene experience. So, whenever you feel overwhelmed, connect yourself with nature and move somewhere where there are lots of trees, colorful flowers, ponds, butterflies and everything else that diverts your mind from the busy city. Spend time with your family or alone and enjoy the sounds, the sights and the peace.

An Everlasting Smile

Whenever you smile or laugh, you feel an interesting energy around you. Smiling not only results in a chemical change that makes you feel good, but smiling is a powerful act that stops the negativity and stress in the environment to enter your psyche. Just a smile can make such a huge difference. It is always wise to focus on the silver lining when you are in a predicament and smile to capture the positivity in the ambiance. You will be amazed to see how easily you will find peace, even with just a simple smile.


If you haven’t yet started meditating, you are giving up on a crucial activity that can help you change your existence. Just spending 20 minutes meditating daily, you can experience a huge impact in how you are leading your life. If your mind is always occupied with a lot of thoughts that are turning you insane day by day, meditation can help you achieve inner peace. Meditation is nothing technical or complicated. Just shut down everything, relax and sit back, shake your mind clear of thoughts, and close your eyes. Pay attention to the silence, the emptiness. You will be amazed to experience the changes experienced by just twenty minutes of meditation. If you are unable to meditate on your own for any reason, seek for professional assistance or join a group of people to carry on with this routine on a daily basis without any break.

Care for Other People

Care about others or in other words perform good deeds to achieve inner peace. It is not possible to find peace if you only worry for your own wants and needs or if you are always self-consumed. Inner peace solidifies when goodness comes out and you genuinely start caring about the people around you. It doesn’t only have to be people who are related to you, you can care for pure strangers to solidify inner peace. In a nutshell, it is the act of goodwill and kindness that eases your direction towards peace.


Do not lose hope. In fact, if you want to achieve inner peace, you cannot afford to give up your hopes. By keeping hopes high, you can always find peace. However, when life becomes overwhelming and extremely stressful, we usually tend to lose hope. One shouldn’t forget that after a rainy day, the sun shines brighter than any other day. You will achieve immense peace if you realize that in the end, everything will be alright. Keeping hopes high deep within your heart will help you stay calm and peaceful even when things aren’t at their best.

With these five timeless thoughts, you can achieve the inner peace you have been looking for!

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