How to Become a Zen Master: 8 Questions Answered

how to become a zen master

1. What is a Zen Master?

The term Zen Master may relate to somebody following a particular spiritual path, learning from a leader, and seeking enlightenment. It may mean somebody who subscribes to a certain branch of Buddhism and follows the prescribed doctrines. One of its main features is the central role that meditation plays. It involves a deep understanding of the inner self as well as the universe. The term may also be used to relate to a teacher of Zen. Colloquially, however, it is often taken to mean a person who has mastered the art of Zen.

Ultimately, Zen is about confronting yourself, challenging your beliefs and changing your approach to life. It is very intimate and direct.

2. Is Meditation Important?

Meditation, or zazen, is an extremely important part of becoming a master of Zen. Devote special time solely for this activity. Allow yourself the time to sit quietly in a meditative state. This allows you to empty your mind and just concentrate on being grounded and present.

Understanding the role of zazen comes with time, and each person’s perception is slightly different. To a true Zen, it is not something that can be defined.

3. How Can I Meditate More Effectively?

Binaural beats can alter your brain wave patterns and lead to you feeling differently. You need to use ear phones because different sounds are sent to the left and right ears. Because of the way these sounds affect your brain, they can be used during mediation to enhance your experience.

4. Do I Need a Teacher?

Zen incorporates the idea of learning from one more experienced; a student and teacher relationship. If possible, find someone from whom you can seek guidance. Fundamentally, it is not something that can be learnt from books. The learning process is guided from within and from flesh and blood mentors.

5. How Long Will it Take?

As with any change you wish to make in your life, becoming a Zen master is far from being easy. Great patience and will is needed.

6.How Can I be More Focussed?

Creating basic lists of things you must do each day, or week, can help you to take more effective and positive action, making the most efficient use of your waking time. Lists can help keep you more focussed. Make sure that you concentrate on the things that are truly necessary and the things that will have the biggest impact on your life. Keep your list updated and relevant, and make sure that you have the motivation to actually complete the tasks that you have set for yourself.

Focus on one task at a time. This helps you to be more centred and also to do things well. By trying to do too many things at the same time you do things in a more haphazard way. Followers of Zen do not subscribe to the commonly preached multi-tasking ideal.

Take your time over things and do not rush. Do not try and achieve too much each day. Manage your time efficiently to prevent the need for haste. This also allows for unexpected circumstances.

Create a sense of importance for each thing you decide to focus upon. Attach a ritual to an act and follow that ritual.

7. Do I Only Focus on My Goals?

Spend some time serving others. The idea is to learn humility and prevent a selfish existence. This can be in the form of taking care of your family, performing some voluntary service or helping somebody in another way.

Treat people and animals with compassion, kindness, tolerance and understanding.

8. What are the Benefits

Living like a Zen practitioner will lead to a more simple, contented, peaceful, mindful and harmonious way of life, with less complexities and stresses.

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