How to Break a Habit with the Right Mindset

how to break a habit

While we all wish to be strong, healthy, happy, and energized, we sometimes tend to adopt habits that lead us to an exactly opposite direction. In simple words, if you really want to break a habit, you must incorporate some changes. However, this could be tricky as out of all the things we perform in a day, changing oneself could be the most challenging of them all.

This is something even experts agree to. Their opinion is not only eye-opening but obvious. The following are 12 guidelines that will help you break a bad habit using the right mindset:

1. Realize

It is important that you acknowledge and admit that something is wrong. Accepting that you have a bad habit that could be harmful and compulsive for you and your environment is the first step that you should take in order to make things right.

2. Isolate the Action

Part of the process of rationalization is to view your bad habit as an unavoidable result of other things happening around you. For instance, bingeing on chocolate just because your find your job lousy, you are frustrated or you don’t have a good boss. This may further lead to incorrect conclusions as finding a new boss will be the only option for you to quit bingeing on chocolate.

Everyone would agree to the fact that life will be better for you only if you have desirable working conditions at workplace, you must tackle with the current problem you are facing of eating lots of chocolate. By isolating and simplifying the action you wish to alter, it can be directly addressed.

3. Want

Get your heart and soul support weak factors to make them strong. Only knowing that consuming junk food, bagel and butter on a daily basis will make you fat and will turn you more prone to heart diseases will not encourage you to give it up immediately. Only with the right mindset, willpower and drive to succeed will help you with your desire to break a habit.

So you must seek emotionally and as deep as you could to find reasons to implement a change. Think about your future and all the dreams associated with it. Let them encourage your actions.

4. Be a Rebel

According to various research studies, bad habits have become cultural norms and are followed by many people. This is one of the major reasons why people do not realize they are doing something wrong. And indeed, it makes sense. Imagine yourself in a bar where people are drinking and smoking. Would you ever say no if you are offered a drink or cigarette? Just because a lot of people are doing it doesn’t mean it is not bad for you. You must pay attention to what is wrong and not on what social norms are. You must define what is right or wrong instead of letting norms define you. Stop struggling to fit in. Realize what bad habits are and limit yourself to spending time with such people.

5. Meditation

Meditation can be an effective step in increasing the chances of breaking your bad habits permanently. De-cluttering your mind with thoughts that are not only harmful for you but your environment and the people living in it will help you achieve the peace of mind you have been looking for. Once you are able to realize and identify the thin line between the right and wrong through meditation, you will seamlessly be able to break bad habits. Just release your emotions and practice continually.

Commit yourself to good changes and struggle to achieve it. You may face difficulty in the start but it is extremely beneficial for you in the long run.

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