How to Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder

how to overcome social anxiety disorder

People who suffer from the so-called social anxiety disorder have fear of social activities in general and may specifically have trouble in speaking; eating or drinking; and writing or working in front of others as well as being the center of attention; interacting with people, even dating or going to parties; asking questions or giving reports in groups; using public toilets; and even talking on the telephone.

If you or a friend has these symptoms or tendencies, be aware that social anxiety disorder can be remedied naturally through: knowing the self; finding a mentor; believing in self; and renewing the mind.

Knowing the Self

Many of life’s problems could have been precluded if people only learn to know themselves fully well. As a matter of fact, a false self-image can be detrimental to one’s outlook in life as well as in his or her decisions and actions. As early as possible, one has to take an objective reality check. This can be accomplished by taking psychological and aptitude tests as well as by asking trusted friends and loved ones to help him or her in assessing his or her strengths and weaknesses.

One can then maximize his or her strengths and overcome his or her weaknesses. Although the positive outcome may not happen overnight but the truth is, it is possible. Normally, one may fall back every once in a while but holding on to one’s knowledge of his or her true self will bring him or her on the right track and eventually develop in that person a positive self-image.

Finding a Mentor

Since many people who suffer from social anxiety disorder are afraid to come out in the open in the first place, finding a tutor or a trusted counselor and partner can help them overcome their fears. A mentor will be there to listen to them; help them discover their true self and assess their strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, having someone to talk to and to go through life’s journey is a vital way of coping with the challenges of life.

An expert in the field of counseling or a psychologist can be the best mentor one can ever have. The professional help will be able to keep and track one’s record and progress. In addition, the expert can do a number of tests and interpret the results correctly and in confidentiality.

Believing In Self

A person must develop a confidence in him or herself. After knowing oneself, he or she can determine the things that he or she can accomplish in life. It must be noted that accomplishments are effective boosters of self-confidence and fulfillment. When one learns to accept the self and have confidence in him or herself, he or she will feel less afraid to face people and so how them what one has or what he or she can do. In addition, it is wise to never allow oneself to be compared with others. Each one is a unique and powerful individual who can do wonders in his or her own simple ways.

Renewing the Mind

It all begins and ends in the mind. The seat of thoughts, feelings and decisions is this small part of the body called brain. As the control tower, it must be anchored on strong foundations of positive and pure thoughts.

One can daily renew his or her mind through meditation. This is done by systematically scanning the thought life and eliminating all that is negative within. One can empty the mind of all the rubbish and then condition it to think positively and to be determined to follow only the bright side of life. In addition, feeding the mind with good ideas, enriching inspirational thoughts through music and recordings, and always living in the present are effective ways to overcome social anxiety disorder.

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