Learn How to Become Confident and Live a Desirable Life

how to be confident

“With realization of one’s own potential and self confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.” ~Dalai Lama~

While there are endless things you wish you could try in this life, the feeling of failure before you could even start becomes the end of it. This attitude does not only limit your potentials, the ability that you possess to change the world around you in a positive way also gets affected.

Without confidence in life, you may not succeed in overcoming your inner fears. It is important that you boost your confidence to challenge the limiting beliefs that you have formed inside you all these years. The following are some important points that will help you raise the bar of your confidence, effortlessly.

1. Explore the Confidence You Possess By Birth

When you are born, you are absolutely blissful and unaware of the things going around you. In short, you are only concerned about your own personal needs and experiences. This doesn’t mean that you should become oblivious about the people around you, this is just to remind you that confidence is something you are born with and that is the originality of your being.

When people start developing self-awareness, they usually feel unsure of themselves. However, whenever that feeling pops up, remember that confidence is a part of you. You do not actually have to struggle to become confident, you just need to realize it.

2. Learn about Your Strengths and Weaknesses

It isn’t a matter of a few hours to learn about yourself. It can be challenging to figure out your real self and the person you only think you have become. To start with, learn about your strengths and weak points and then compare them.

There is a difference between things you are good at and the things you like to do. Construct a list and divide it into activities that you are good at and that you enjoy. Utilize your strength in the best possible manner and grow when there is room to improve. This will not only develop fulfillment in your, but will also help you to become confident.

3. Depend On Your Capabilities

Nobody is perfect. Everyone has some capabilities and some disabilities and thus they aren’t good with everything. Do not judge yourself on the basis of what you cannot do or what you don’t know. In fact, trust your capabilities, depend on it and be proud of the things you are good at.

If you are being criticized for something, boost your confidence and take it as a chance to improve. In fact, even if somebody is performing better than you, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, learn from them. There is always a way to get closer to the things you fall short at the first time. in a nutshell, be confident about your capabilities and your potential.

4. Meditation

You can boost your confidence with meditation. Visualize yourself in a much more confident and self-assured state. After a few minutes of sound or breath mantra meditation. Ideally, spend minimum ten minutes looking at the images of yourself at the most confident condition. You can also utilize your imagination to do this if you haven’t done this before. Imagine the way you sound and look when you are confident.

Also, don’t forget to visualize how others react to see you in the most confident state. Let your imaginations paint the most positive and inviting picture of you. Keep yourself engaged with these images as long as you want so that you feel absolutely comfortable and positive about your life. Practice visualization meditation and see yourself more confident than ever.

More than anything else, always remember that you are worthy and capable, regardless of what you have or what you aim to achieve. Believing in yourself is the key to living life at its best.

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