Mind over Body Techniques: 4 Tips for Mastery

mind over body

The concept of mind over body is that through the power of the mind and its thoughts, whether through specific exercises or our everyday thoughts, we can make our body do things that we would otherwise view as incredibly difficult or impossible. We can defy limits imposed by our bodies. It is where your consciousness and sub-consciousness combine to assist with your physical reality.

Everything that happens in the mind creates an effect in the body. Sometimes, these changes are too small to notice, but with a deep mental action follows a strong physical reaction. This may manifest within the nervous system or as a chemical change.

1. Still Your Chattering Mind

The brain often over-thinks and over-analyses matters, often replaying past traumas and upsets. It seems often easier for people to remember fears and bad experiences rather than replaying happy and positive things. When our minds are quietened for a period, we allow ourselves to be guided from energies within.

A quiet mind also provides the optimum state for renewal and healing, giving your body the space it needs to regenerate. Healing is not necessarily assisted directly by the mind, but the mind can directly hinder and impede healing. It occurs when minds are peaceful and allow the body to relax in order to rejuvenate.

People can learn to be aware of healing processes happening inside them and allow them to occur. The mind is not trying to heal, but is accepting of the healing process, knowing it is essential and will happen, and allows the right conditions for effective healing to take place.

2. Meditate Frequently

Meditation can assist to calm your mind, feel at peace, relax, and allow your body to repair itself. Additionally, meditation makes breathing and the heart rate slower, stabilizes blood pressure, can slow down signs of aging, boots immune systems and helps the flow of oxygen around the body.

Some research indicates a link between meditating and the immune system, suggesting that the immune system can be strengthened by the mind. It also lends weight to the idea of being able to think yourself back to good health when sick. Meditation can also be used as a way of providing natural pain relief, where the mind overrides physical sensations of pain. It is often used to improve things by people suffering from disorders such as anxiety, stress and depression.

You should try to meditate regularly. This helps you to enter a positive, calm and relaxed state quicker and easier.

3. Visualize Your Goals

Visualization methods are increasingly used by people wishing to perform better in certain areas, especially in sport. Banishing negative thoughts and focusing only on the positive, visualizing the desired outcome and not letting doubts enter the vision has been shown to help people achieve their goals.

4. Practice Yoga

Yoga is another practice which helps to assist the mind to have greater control over the body. Incorporating aspects of meditation, yoga is being increasingly used by people wishing to improve their overall health and levels of well-being by completely natural methods.

Yoga stretches and strengthens muscles as well as calming the minds and helping to inspire clarity. It aims to reconnect the mind and body and center people in the present moment. With direct focus on postures and breathing techniques, people often find that they are moving their bodies in ways that they would not have thought possible, thus showing that concentration and mind-power is capable of making the body do things.

By living a calmer existence and allowing your mind some quiet time, practicing meditation and yoga and visualizing your desired goals, you should soon be able to exercise mind over body to assist you in life.

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