Overcoming Self-Consciousness is Possible, Here’s How

overcoming self consciousness

Do you stop yourself from doing what you want because you fear how others will look at you? Do you question your own ability to do great things?

When you’re self-conscious or so focused on what others think that you don’t listen to what is going on in your own head, life isn’t as vibrant as it could be. You don’t live up to your maximum potential and achieve all that you’re capable of achieving.

How do you overcome self-consciousness and take your life to the next level?

Stop comparing yourself to others. Have you ever noticed that it’s easy to pick out other people’s strengths, but hard to realize your own? And, to the contrary, it’s easy to dismiss their faults, but your own are just way too big to let go?

If you focus on how someone else is better than you, of course you’re going to feel inferior and self-conscious. It’s like playing sports against a professional. You’ll never win.

You have to realize that everyone has strengths, and everyone has weaknesses. Just because someone else is better than you at one thing doesn’t mean that they’re better than you at everything. You have strengths too and the sooner you realize it, the less self-conscious you will be.

So, quit telling yourself you’re not as strong as this person or as smart as that person. Start focusing on what skills and traits you have that others envy. If you don’t know what they are, ask a friend what they admire about you. They’ll gladly tell you.

Let go of perfection. If you constantly fear that you’ll screw up or be a failure, you’ll hold yourself back. You’ll set a ceiling that you can’t surpass. However, if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll realize that everyone screws up sometimes. No one does everything right all the time. You just may not be around to see it.

Don’t put so much importance on perfection because it’s unachievable, not to mention boring. Live a little. Take some chances. Have some fun in life.

Act with confidence. Your mind is a funny thing. It likes to believe what you tell it. So, if you tell it you’re not confident long enough, then it will think it’s true. However, if you tell it you are confident, it will begin to believe that as well.

Take your posture, for instance. If you always sit or walk with slumped shoulders and eyes looking at the ground, your mind takes that stature as one of feeling down or lacking self-confidence. However, if you walk tall and proud, your thoughts change almost instantly. You become a little more assertive and feel stronger. Why? You’re telling your mind that you are and it believes you.

So, even if you don’t feel confident, begin to act as if you are anyway. Walk and talk like you are. You’ll program your mind to actually be self-confident and pretty soon it won’t be an act.

Meditate. If you hold on to your fears and worry about what others will say about you, you won’t find the level of self-esteem that you desire. You have to let all that go and meditation is a great way to do that.

Even in the lightest level of relaxation, you establish a sense of peace, comfort and harmony. You become content with who you are and embrace your individuality instead of condemning it.

Never meditated? No problem, it’s easy. Just find a quiet spot to sit, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Clear all the other thoughts from your mind. If they try to sneak back in, just take yourself back to your breath. Feel it as it enters and exits your body. You’ll begin to feel better in no time.

When you’re self-conscious about what you say, how you dress or the actions you take, you prevent yourself from truly living. Isn’t it time for you to enjoy life?

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