Relax Your Mind with these Seven Simple Tips

relax your mind

As human beings, we have gotten better at a lot of things over the last 100 years. We are better at creating and storing our food, better at using technology to communicate, and better at traveling in a safe and timely manner. Time has a way of allowing inventions to become part of our daily lives and change the world around us. One thing we are not better at, however, is relaxing. With the endless stream of distractions vying for our attention, moments of relaxation are few and far between these days. It is not impossible to relax your mind in the 21st century, but it does take a little more in the way of planning and practice. Use the following seven tips to take a break from the madness and relax your mind.

– Light a Candle. Certain scents have been shown to relax the mind and promote a generally peaceful feeling. Choose a candle that emits a scent such as lavender and light it in your living room or bedroom for some added serenity. In addition to the scent, a burning flame is also a calming sight and can help to you further into a relaxed state.

– Light Exercise. Where hard exercise can increase brain activity and actually put you in an excited state, low intensity exercise is perfect for relaxing your mind. Things like Yoga or even just a long walk are the perfect amount of exertion to get your blood flowing a little more and help your mind find a comfortable place of relaxation.

– Relaxing Tunes. Instead of the heavy rock or rap music in your headphones, opt for something a little more peaceful. Classical is a popular choice for relaxed listening. Something without lyrics is best to soothes your nerves and let your brain wander off in whatever direction it chooses.

– Be Alone. As connected as we all are in the digital age, it can be hard to ever feel truly alone. While we humans are social creatures and need interaction, we also need our solo time just the same. Try to plan into your schedule the occasional time when you can be alone with your thoughts. This may be all it takes to find a more relaxed state of mind.

– Be Together. On the opposite end of the spectrum, making time for a good friend or family member can be relaxing as well. The important thing here is to make time to be together, and dedicate that time to just talking and relaxing. This is not a cell phone call when you are at work – make it a specific time that you are able to focus on your friend and have a meaningful conversation. You will enjoy the time you spend together, and probably both you and your friend will emerge more relaxed than you were before.

– Get a Pet. If you don’t already have a pet, consider getting one. Pets are relaxing because they don’t get stressed out by the world around them – they just want to be loved, to play, and spend time near you. All of those things are positive feelings, and can be powerful in the quest to relax your mind.

– Meditate. People who consistently meditate have been shown to be more relaxed than those who don’t. It’s easy to see why. Time spent in meditation is time away from the distractions and ‘noise’ of the world around us. Your brain will be able to focus inwardly and take care of your needs first. Your brain has the ability to relax itself naturally. Meditation gives it the time and opportunity to do just that.

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