Self-Improvement Tips: I Wanna Live Life from a New Perspective

i wanna live life from a new perspective

Let’s admit it, nobody is perfect. Nobody’s life is perfect. Even that person with whom you’ve always been envious of, he/she isn’t perfect. I’m 100% sure that if you ask any person about his/her life, there would always be something wrong or something missing.

This applies to all of us. We are rarely contented with what we have. We are often looking for something more. Unfortunately, these feelings often cause disappointment, depression and anxiety in a lot of people. The question now is, how can you change this vicious cycle?

It’s simple really.

Repeat after me: I wanna live life from a new perspective!

That’s right, a new perspective. Life is all about how you look at things. Your seemingly awful situation can always be turned around into something positive. Something that looks the boring and constant, can be looked at from a different angle. You just have to make an effort to change how you view your life.

Here’s how:

1. Meditate and Analyze Your Life

Before you start creating radical changes in your life, it’s important to stop for a while and analyze your current situation. To do this, meditation is a good exercise that you can do. First, find a quiet spot where you can sit comfortably. Preferably, pick a spot that’s far from noise and disturbances. Then, relax and breathe deeply. Focus on your breathing then let your mind wander off. Think about how good or bad your life is. Think about what you want to change or improve. What is it that stands out in your current circumstance? This will be the stepping stone for your change of perspective.

2. Make a list

After getting reacquainted with yourself, it’s time to list down the good and the bad. Make an actual list using pen and paper. This exercise will help you towards realization and enlightenment about your life. Once you’ve created the list, think about why you listed certain things in the good column, and why you consider the others as bad.

3. Change Your Body

Sometimes, all it takes is a slight change in your body. After all, your body is a reflection of your life. When was the last time you exercised? Are you eating healthy food? Are you happy with how your clothes fit you?
Take care of your body. Change your haircolor. Get a haircut. Update your wardrobe. No matter how little the change may be, it’s still something that will definitely change how you view your life.

4. Re-think Your Job

Are you still happy with your job? Sometimes, people who feel trapped or depressed with their lives need a change of scenery in terms of their career. If you feel that your career is going nowhere, and are thinking, “Hey, I Wanna Live Life from a New Perspective”, it may be time to start looking for a new job. A lot of people end up happier once they’ve switched to the careers that they’ve always wanted to pursue. It gives them a new environment, new people, and of course a direction that’s closer to their heart.

5. Travel the World

The best way to see and live life from a new perspective is to travel and see the world. There is much more to this world and most people don’t even bother going out of their current city. Go to Asia and explore their exotic cuisine. Visit Europe and learn about history and art. Explore Africa and appreciate the wonders of nature. Take your pick! Travelling opens your eyes to how the rest of the world lives and gives you enlightenment as to how you can live your own life.

Nobody is perfect and life isn’t either. But if you just change your perspective a little, the world and your life can definitely change and become something better.

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