Seven Surefire Natural Treatments for Anxiety

natural treatment for anxiety

Anxiety is something that affects all of us from time to time. In can be innocuous enough, such as a unsettled stomach before taking a test or giving a presentation. When anxiety becomes chronic, however, it can damage your quality of life and reduce productivity. Rather than turn to prescription medications for anxiety, there are many natural methods you can pursue. This article outlines seven of the best options for natural treatment of anxiety.

– Diet. A balanced diet is a great way to even out anxious feelings. Substances like refined sugar, caffeine, and alcohol can all increase your levels of anxiety. They all are capable of altering your mod, and lead to feelings of fluctuating highs and lows. By transitioning your diet to a healthier, natural selection of fruit and vegetables you can even out those peaks and valleys. Try to keep your body fueled evenly throughout the day, and notice your levels of anxiety start to subside.

– Exercise. As you might expect, exercise goes right along with a healthy diet. While daily exercise is best to maintain low levels of anxiety, even a quick workout or two at a particularly stressful time can help to calm you down. The endorphins created during exercise make your whole body feel good, and will find back against anxious feelings in your stomach or your mind.

– Massage. Getting at least an occasional massage can treat anxiety by encouraging energy to flow throughout the body. Touch has been shown to have healing powers, and the relaxed feeling you will leave a massage with counteracts the stress of daily life. Try scheduling a massage a couple days before an event you are particularly anxious about for maximum benefit.

– Think Positive. Anxiety is born largely from negative thinking, so naturally turning that around will give you an edge over beating out anxiety. Start turning your thinking around by picturing future situations playing out in your favor. See success coming your way during whatever event you are feeling anxious about, and you will start to realize that there is no need to feel as nervous as you do. Life is all about perspective and expectations – expect good things and you will be able to relax on a day to day basis.

– Ditch the Java. This goes along with the diet tip, but deserves a point of its own. Coffee often contains caffeine and sugar which both can speed up your thinking and push your nerves to the edge. If you have to drink coffee, only do so on a full stomach and try to limit yourself to one cup a day. A caffeinated beverage first thing in the morning is a bad idea for someone that battles anxiety. Choose a caffeine free herbal tea or something similar for a warm beverage to start your day anxiety free.

– Read Calming Quotes. With instant access to a world of literature on the web, it should be easy to track down some peaceful words each day. Find a couple sources of inspiring and calming words and bookmark them on your computer for easy access. When you start to feel stressed, bring up on of those sites and read through some of the writing. The words will calm your mind, and the quiet time reading will help with anxiety as well.

– Meditate. To gain a peaceful feeling in both your mind and stomach, try daily meditation. The quiet, focused time will allow your brain to relax and refocus on itself. The causes of your anxiety will melt away as you gain perspective on your life as a whole. As far as natural treatments for anxiety, they don’t come any better – or easier – than daily meditation.

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