Six Simple Tips for Dealing with Depression

tips for dealing with depression

Sadly, depression is become an all too common mood disorder in modern times. While everyone is likely to feel ‘down’ or ‘blue’ from time to time, ongoing depression can be a serious problem and take the joy out of living. Those who are clinically depressed often have low levels of motivation, see everything in a negative light, and remove themselves from the world going on around them. Thankfully, there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you or someone you know suffers from depression, use the following six tips to help break free.

– Fitness. Probably the most effective remedy for depression symptoms is to simply get moving. There are too many benefits of exercise to even list in this article, but they include the release of feel-good endorphins, weight loss, a sense of accomplishment, and on and on. When you stick to a consistent habit of exercise, you will feel better about yourself and have a better outlook on the world around you as well.

– Stick to Bedtime. Depressed people often fall into two categories – sleeping too much, or not enough. Both can be damaging to your mental state, so try to stick to a healthy range of sleep each night. Go to bed around the same time, and set an alarm for the morning even if you don’t have to be up at a specific time. Sleep helps your brain function at its best, and the regimented sleep pattern will give you a sense of purpose to start each day.

– Spread the Love. We as humans often internalize everything when we are feeling down. A great way to break out of that habit is to do something nice for someone else. You could find a charity to volunteer for, raise money for a specific cause, or just make dinner for a friend who is too busy otherwise. The activity of helping will take your mind off of your depression, and seeing others in need might give you a little perspective on your own life as well. You will gain true satisfaction from using this tip – and be making your community a better place at the same time.

– Talk it Out. Find a friend who is likely to be sympathetic to your feelings and let them know what’s going on. While they might not know how to fix the problem, just the process of talking through what you are feeling can be therapy enough. After vocalizing your problems, you might realize they are not as bad as you thought, or you might think of new ways to approach them.

– Visit Mother Nature. The natural world around us is endlessly beautiful, and has the power to inspire our minds. If you are depressed, seek to spend some time in the outdoors, preferably a place with great natural beauty like a National Park. The overwhelming sense of ‘awe’ one can get from a day out in nature is a great treatment for feeling depressed. When taking a trip like this, try to leave the phone off and the computer at home. Connect with nature as best you can – the electronics will still be there when you get back.

– Meditate. Of all of the things meditation is good for, controlling our moods on a daily basis is one of its most powerful abilities. Try starting a daily meditation routine if you are feeling down, and see what a powerful effect it can have. Your brain will feel refreshed, focused, and optimistic just from the time it has had to turn down the ‘noise’ of daily life and reconnect with itself. We all have a purpose in life – sometimes we just lose our way among the hustle and bustle. Meditation will give you time to pause, locate that purpose once again, and help you emerge from depression feeling like a whole new person.

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