Ten Signs of Spiritual Awakening

signs of spiritual awakening

With growing numbers of the population feeling disenchanted, bored, and disillusioned, more people are beginning to question their purpose in life and following a more spiritual path. Living a spiritual existence is leading to greater numbers of people experience what is termed a spiritual awakening. There are many signs associated with this raising of consciousness, including the following ten.

1. Sleep

You may find that you wake up more times during the night, with no obvious or apparent reasons for doing so. It may become more difficult for you to fall to sleep, and you may lie in bed restless. The amount of sleep that you need may be different to previously, with you finding that some days you need more sleep and other days less sleep.

2. Dreams

It may become more difficult to easily and quickly identify whether you are dreaming or awake and your dreams are likely to become more vivid and real. Dreams may convey messages or pose questions for you to consider.

3. Heightened Psychic Abilities

Intuition will play a greater part in your everyday life, with you listening to your intuition more than before. You may start to find that you can communicate with, or receive messages from, non-earthly sources, including spirits, angels and the universe. You may find that you have abilities in healing. You may also discover a new interest in tools to aid your psychic development, including tarot cards, angel cards, divination methods, crystals and rune stones.

4. Moods and Emotions

Your emotions may sometimes threaten to overwhelm you, with profound feelings of sadness that you cannot explain. You may find that you cry more often. It can feel like you are riding an emotional rollercoaster, with frequent food swings. You will experience all emotions at the extremes, one moment feeling extreme euphoria followed by a deep misery and sorrow. This stage will pass and is a normal sign of a spiritual awakening.

5. Relationships

Most people will find that their close relationships are affected, whether this is by drawing closer or moving farther apart.

Some people find that they stop taking their nearest and dearest for granted, instead developing a deep appreciation and gratitude for having those people in their life. On the other hand, some people find that they can no longer relate to people they had previously been close to, and find themselves disconnected and feeling lonely.

It is common for people going through a spiritual awakening to find themselves drawn to others who have similar thoughts and beliefs to themselves, and many people find that joining a spiritual group or similar can help them on their awakening journey.

6. Senses

All five traditional senses may go through changes, with disturbances to vision, hearing new sounds, tasting things differently, feeling different inside and being able to detect different scents and aromas. You will start to develop extra sensory perceptions too, including intuitiveness awareness.

7. Physical Symptoms

Many people experience some physical signs, with headaches, back pains, tingling sensations and flu-like symptoms being common. People should still consult a medical practitioner though in the case of persistent and unexplainable pains and illnesses.

8. Appearance of “Teachers”

You may find yourself questioning something, or feeling unsure, and somebody new shows us just at that time to help guide you. Teachers will routinely appear, as if by magic, to help you with your awakening. You may also notice messages and answers from other sources, including visions, images and other signs.

9. Changing Likes and Dislikes

Your tastes might change, including the foods that you like or do not like, leisure activities, and tastes in music, art, reading material and friends.

10. Interest in Nature

A sign of spiritual awakening is an increased interest in nature and the world all around you. It is likely that you will find yourself wanting to spend more time outside, and take great pleasure from outdoor activities. Listening to birds singing may fill you with joy and you could find yourself watching animals with a new interest. You will probably also become more tuned in with the seasons, weather and seasonal changes.

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