The 3 essential steps to living your authentic life

living your authentic life

Are you sometimes discontented with your life? Often this feeling of discontent comes from a feeling of being disconnected from your authentic self. Learning to live the life you were born to live and learning to let your actions be a true reflection of the person you really are will lead to deep contentment in your life.

1. How do you know if the life you are living is authentic?

If you are living authentically, then your actions match the deep, underlying essence of who you are. If you sometimes feel that you are not acting as you believe then you need to work on your authenticity.
Sometimes, your sense of self can become blurry as you move through life. There are so many pressures to conform to expectations – of parents, partners, schools, friends, the workplace. It is possible to lose sight entirely of who you really are. Before you can start living your authentic life, you need to get back in touch with your inner self.

2. How can you find your authentic self?

In order to find your authentic self you must first find a way to silence the chatter coming from outside. That can be a tall order in this day and age where there is so much competing for your attention.
The best way to find this stillness is to learn to meditate. As you sit in meditation, you will begin to tune into your essential self. Meditation allows your consciousness to deepen and your brain patterns to change from the normal waking pattern of beta to the alpha pattern. As you continue with meditation these patterns will deepen even further – to the delta and theta patterns. In these states of deeper consciousness you will begin to be able to more directly access your subconscious mind, the source of your authentic self. In this mode, your mind is able to think more creatively and novel solutions to problems will often present themselves. You can help with the process of accessing your authentic self by meditating using specific mantras, for example, you could repeat the phrase “I am in tune with my authentic self” as you meditate.

3. Learning to live with discernment

The next phase of learning to live your authentic life is to bring discernment to your life. This means letting go of the things in your life that do not match with your inner beliefs and bringing to your life the things that do fit. At times, the choices you may need to make to live authentically may be difficult. Is a particular group of friends making it difficult to live authentically? Are you aware that you are compromising your own beliefs and principles by trying to fit in with the actions of these friends? Then, in order to live authentically, you may need to give yourself some distance from these people and spend more time with people who are more in tune with who you are. Each person will react in a different manner to the challenge of living authentically. If you have a deep love for animals but are not expressing that in your life, you might choose to volunteer for an animal welfare organization. If you feel that you have not developed your potential but have always wanted to study, maybe you will enroll in school or community college.

Living authentically is the best way to find true contentment and deep fulfillment in your life. Following these methods you will find your life transformed as you live your authentic life, true to your essential self.

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