What is Intuition? Six Points to Ponder

what is intuition

1. There is Not a Universal Definition of Intuition

Intuition is the ability to understand something instantly, without needing to apply conscious thought and reasoning, or a deep knowledge or understanding that comes from an inner instinctive “gut” feeling rather than from conscious thinking processes. Intuition does not provide explanations, but instead sign-posts the way.

Intuition is sometimes also referred to as a sixth sense, instinct and insight. It is sometimes called listening to the heart rather than listening to the head. It may come from some higher universal force. It is often linked to psychic abilities.

Intuition can be traced to telepathic communications, or from existing knowledge already stored away in your subconscious mind. Intuition provides a link between the conscious and sub-conscious mind. Scientific studies indicate that only approximately 20% of the brain’s grey matter is concerned with conscious thinking, with the remaining 80% majority dealing with sub-conscious matters.

Intuition is related to a higher state of consciousness and awareness that all people are capable of achieving if they open themselves up to the possibility.

2. Traditionally, Society Rejects Intuition

Society leans towards a more rational and logic- based way of thinking. Many people struggle with intuition, feeling uncomfortable allowing inner feelings to guide them.

More people are starting to realise the powers of intuitive thinking and feeling though, and are starting to use intuition in conjunction with the five traditional senses.

3. Intuitive Messages are Received in Different Forms

Some people see images clearly in their mind, others hear their own thoughts. Some people experience a sudden shift in feelings or emotions. Most people feel completely certain inside and may have strong urges to act in certain ways.

4. Intuition can be Increased

Although intuition is a natural skill, it can be developed and tuned; intuition can be trained through exercises and practice.

5. Increasing Intuition

The first step in becoming more intuitive is to be aware of it. Know that it is real and allow it to happen. Expect it to happen. Do not ignore and abandon common sense, but also do not shut out inner thoughts and feelings.

Being alone in a quiet and peaceful place can help your thoughts, feelings and emotions flow freely. Empty your mind of clutter and spend time just being present, calm and still. Meditation is a great way to train your mind to be more peaceful whilst blocking out all other unwanted thoughts. If you keep receiving similar thoughts, seemingly from nowhere, pay attention to them. Your inner self is determined to get the message through to you!

When not meditating, allow your imagination to run free once in a while, instead of always reining your thoughts back in to mundane matters. Gaze out of the window from time to time and indulge in a few minutes of uninterrupted day-dreaming.

Intuition lives in the present. Focusing your attentions on the present can increase your intuitiveness. Spend some time in silence when performing routine chores. Concentrate on what you are doing. This will help to quieten your mind and thus make you more receptive to receiving intuitive messages.

Keeping a journal where you record all your thoughts and feelings can help to keep all parts of your mind open. Additionally, dreams can be a vital way for the inner self to relay messages. Keep a dream diary and make sure that you complete your entries when your dreams are still fresh in your mind. Try to recall as many details as possible.

Engage in a creative pastime. Perhaps try dancing, singing, painting, sculpting, photography or writing and allow your inner creativity to have an outlet.

Intuition may come from a subconscious reading of other people’s body language. Be aware of the people around you, listen to them clearly and observe their actions.

6. There are Many Benefits of Heightened Intuition

Listening to your internal dialogue will help you when making decisions. You can base your decisions on a mix of logic and intuitiveness. Listen to your inner thoughts without being too critical. Impartially, allow your thoughts to just happen.

Intuition allows you to receive ideas and creativity without being able to exactly pinpoint the origin of the thoughts and why things suddenly occurred to you.

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