5 Exceptionally Influential Self Help Tools That You Must Try

self help tools

Human mind has two parts that hold significance, in terms of their effect on our lives. The conscious mind controls rational and logical cognitive processes and accounts for no more than 10 percent of the overall functions of mind. On the other hand is the subconscious mind that performs critical functions (sometimes life changing too). Apart from holding and processing general pieces of information, the subconscious mind holds beliefs, faiths, norms, values, and so on and so forth.

It is important to note here that the information stored in the subconscious mind is essentially used by the conscious mind in order to shape and influence life. The nature of information ultimately determines personal and professional growth. Therefore, positive beliefs affect positively whereas negative beliefs do just the opposite. In order to ensure that self development is geared in the right direction, the underlying principles and beliefs should be evaluated (and corrected) first.

Here comes the role of self help tools. They help in reprogramming your subconscious mind so that you remove all the unwanted beliefs and hold only those that are beneficial for a whole lifetime. The fundamental idea behind almost all self help tools is to imagine the kind of life that you want to live. Train your subconscious mind to think about personal gratitude, professional victory, and most importantly, peace of mind. These tools enable you to achieve materialistic and spiritual desires.

1. Positive Statements

This is by far the simplest method or tool to grow personally. All you need to do is to evaluate your current status and think about the desired one. There must be an essence of reality in between the current and desired future states because larger than life goals will only de-motivate you after a lot of struggle.

In view of your goals, make positive remarks about yourself and repeat them over and over again. Say positive statements about yourself and let the subconscious mind accept those affirmations. Soon your mind will perceive those statements to be a part of real life and your thoughts will eventually transform into actions to make those statements come true.

2. Creative Mental Images

Visualization is indeed a life changing tool. Think about your desires and make an imaginary picture in your mind. Visualize the scenario many times a day and for several weeks until your subconscious mind starts believing that it is not imagination, but reality. As a result, you will be motivated to work for your desires and will achieve the same that you imagine.

3. Hypnotism

Hypnosis is another tool to positively change lives and personalities. Just like previously stated methods, it also affects the subconscious mind and has the potential to changes lives. For instance, you can make your subconscious mind believe in your capabilities, will power, and self-control. However, there is no need for a hypnotist in this regard because advanced audio records are available for the very purpose. Just evaluate your deficiencies and buy a hypnotism program that responds to your specific needs.

4. Goals and Self Esteem

Our goals are very closely related with our self-esteem. Those who set specific goals, make deadlines, and achieve their targets in the scheduled time frame are those that possess high levels of self-esteem. On the contrary, people who lack confidence and motivation are usually hindered by negative perceptions of self. They do not make goals, nor do they attempt to grow. Consequently, failure follows them! Setting and achieving goals is an extremely effective self help and self development tool.

5. Be Inspired

While practicing self help tools and techniques, you need to keep yourself motivated towards self development. One of the effective methods to maintain interest in this phase of personal growth is to follow famous quotes that inspire you and uplift your morale to desired levels.

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