How to Find Happiness by Looking Inside of Yourself

how to find your happiness

Happiness. Everybody wants it. But to be honest, it’s not that easy to find. Some lucky people find happiness in the simplest of things. Some people find happiness in their family life or their careers. But in reality, happiness depends on who you’re asking. We all have our definition of what it is and if you want to know how to find your happiness, the best way is to look inside of you.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Meditate – Before you can begin to look deep inside of you in pursuit of happiness, you first need to find silence. Don’t be afraid of silence. When you’re on a journey to bliss, you need to accept that silence can actually be beneficial for you. 

Pick a quiet spot where you can relax. Then, you can either stay in a comfortable sitting or standing position. Lying down is good too but make sure not to fall asleep. 

Then, begin the exercise by breathing deeply and generously. Try not to think about your pending tasks at work or at home and instead just focus into your breathing. Relax yourself and once you’ve achieved a state of calm, channel your thoughts on the things that make you happy. Think about happy feelings and watch where your thoughts will go. Do you see images from your childhood? Are you imagining your future self with a family of your own? We may all probably see something different but the important thing to note is that, once we’re in a comfortable silence, that’s when/where we can focus on where our happiness lies.

Think of it like this, in a noisy crowd that’s full of noise, it is almost impossible to listen to the beating of your own heart.

2. Be a Kid Again – A great method on how to find your happiness is to channel your inner child. Back when you were a little boy or girl, what were the things that made you happy? Before bills, chores, and responsibilities came your way, where did you find the most bliss? Recall the simple, good ol’ days and relive your childhood. It may hold the key to your happiness.

3. Avoid the Negatives – You can also try it the other way around. Start by thinking about the things that upset you the most. What makes you angry, sad, disappointed or unfulfilled? These will hold the clues to where and how you will find your happiness. If you are always feeling down about your partner, it may be time to move on and end the destructive relationship. Your happiness may be in feelings of freedom or possibly in a relationship with a totally new person. If you’re always disappointed when you think about your job, maybe it’s time to ask for a promotion or maybe even consider switching careers. Looking at the bad things can actually be helpful in finding the good.

4. Look for Clues – You may already know how to find your happiness but you just don’t see the clues. Observe yourself and make note of the following:

a. Where do you smile the most often? What causes you to smile?
b. What do you often talk about?
c. What excites you the most?
d. What do you enjoy doing for long periods of time without feeling tired or bored?
e. What do you often fantasize about?

These are just some of the tell-tale signs that you can look for.

5. Follow your Passion – Passion keeps us going. Passion inspires us and creates strong feelings of love. Therefore, if you want to find your happiness, you gotta stick to your passions. If you are passionate about drawing comic books, maybe it’s time for you to make more or consider it as a career? If you’re passionate about food and cooking, take a class and practice. Do what you love and do what brings you joy. This will eventually lead to your happiness.

The definition of happiness varies a lot, but there is one simple secret to finding it. To find your bliss, all you need to do is look inside of you. You have the answers. You just need to pay close attention.

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