How to Overcome Your Phobia: Face It

how to overcome phobia

Fears are the Boogey Man who lives in the closet or under your bed – he may not really be there, but he exerts a powerful influence on your life. Of course, if you do check under the bed or throw open the closet door, the worst you find will be dust kitties. This is the awful thing about fears that develop into full blown phobias; they are actually only concepts that have taken hold of our minds, but they wind up controlling us and depriving us of much of the joy of existence.

There’s no reason to be among the 30 million Americans who are being held hostage to their phobias. The strong link between our minds and bodies can cause phobias to manifest themselves in physical symptoms:

  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Stomach pain
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Dizziness

Many people who suffer from phobias want nothing more than to be free of them, but also do not want to be dependent upon prescription medications. There are natural ways to overcome phobias that can help you face everyday situations and life without fear. It doesn’t matter whether your fear involves animals, weather, flying, or any other condition or situation; it is possible for you to overcome it.

  • Thinking back on where your fear started is a first step to overcoming phobia. In many cases, once you are able to pinpoint your phobia’s origin, it will begin to crumble as you realize how incidental it is.
  • Don’t shirk away from your phobia. If you are afraid of going into places where there are a lot of people, you’ll soon find yourself unable to shop or enjoy a meal in a restaurant. It’s all right to start out small by visiting a quiet boutique or eatery. Before you know it you’ll be placing reservations at the most popular restaurant in town.
  • Use your mind to overcome phobia. Meditation is a great tool for helping to unlock the strength of your mind. It helps to clear out all the ‘garbage’ that accumulates in everyone’s mind constantly. Relaxation will help you to understand your phobia more clearly and help you to set it aside.
  • Enlist the aid of a family member or friend to help you conquer your fears. Those who care about you will be glad to lend their support as you work to overcome phobia. If your phobia is centered on social situations, for instance, they can go with you while you accustom yourself to being around people.

Phobias are simply too life-limiting to allow them to dominate your existence. You’re probably a lot stronger than you think, and by overcoming phobia you will be able to enjoy life and go about your daily activities without worry or anxiety.

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