Understanding the Psychology of Happiness

the psychology of happiness

We believe we know about things that can make us happy, but that’s not true. While most of us search for happiness in money, it doesn’t turn out to be the same way as it is for the very poor. There are better places to look for real happiness, one that will last forever.

Elaborating the psychology of happiness, things don’t turn out to be the way we think they will. And we only realize it when we experience it ourselves. Winning a lotto that makes you a millionaire is not a panacea or hooking up with your sexy co-worker may not turn out to be as thrilling as you thought. In fact, even a bad health condition doesn’t mean it is the end of the world.

It is we, the humans, who can synthesize happiness the way we like. Many people look beyond themselves to find fulfillment, while other look for happiness in things, huge bank accounts and dependability in relationships. However, true happiness is within you and comes from within yourself. True happiness is only achievable when we adjust to be happy with what we have instead of extending the list of our wants and desires.

The following are some simple ways we can achieve true happiness without putting in a lot of effort:

1. Stop Comparing

Comparing yourself to other people is a simple trap. Whether you are comparing physically, socially or financially, don’t get yourself trapped so easily. Everyone is designed in a different way, with different strengths and weaknesses and obviously a different fate. You cannot have everything your friends have and so comparing will only frustrate you and you will never be happy. Instead of looking at others, set your own goals and pay attention to your own life.

2. Focus on Close Relationships

Other than parents and siblings, people have friends and other close relationships they count on. According to a research, people with more friends are happier as compared to people who have few. So enlarge your social circle. However, make sure the people you are counting are worth relying on.

3. Time for Love

Having sex with your special someone is a major source of happiness, as revealed by a survey. Sex has been consistently ranked high on list of top sources to achieve happiness. A loving partnership based on a prolonged period goes hand-in-hand with the idea.

4. Exercise Regularly

Happiness and physical health has a strong bond between them. A person who fallen ill or suffered a prolonged injury has an exact idea of how devastating life becomes. Consume proper nutrition, exercise and take care of yourself if you really want to be happy.

5. Proper Sleep

Just like good health is associated with happiness, proper sleep is associated with good health. With incomplete sleep, you body does not feel well-rested and your mind is unable to operate at its full capacity. Not only your health suffers, it affects your mood too.

6. Help Others

Undoubtedly, altruism is the most effective and one of the best ways to take your happiness to a next level. You do not necessarily have to devote yourself to a homeless shelter for helping others. Performing good deeds on a daily life serving others will help you achieve a lot of pleasure and happiness.

7. Meditate your Way to Happiness

Meditation is essential for you if you are searching for absolute happiness. Meditation will help you learn how to be contented with what you have and finding peace within the things you possess. It is a simple, yet very powerful technique that you can use rapidly to expand your awareness and grow your inner happiness, peace and outer success.

So if you want to achieve real happiness, it is important that you understand the psychology of happiness and find true wealth in good health, relationships and self improvement.

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