8 Tips for Using the Law of Manifestation

the law of manifestation

The Law of Manifestation is a universal law that operates at all levels, for all people, at all times. It is also often referred to as the Law of Attraction. The key idea is that like attracts like, so people manifest things in their own lives by the power of their thoughts and desires; that which receives the most focus and energy by way of thoughts is that which a person will receive. Positive thoughts will attract positive outcomes, whereas negative thoughts will cause negative outcomes to manifest.

Thoughts are responsible for all manifestations in the physical world. Thoughts are energy, they project energy, and they attract energy.

Manifestation can occur in all areas of life and is not limited to financial or material gain. It can be used for health, careers and jobs, relationships, academic achievements, sporting prowess, and any other area that you want improve. There are 8 helpful tips to help you use the Law of Manifestation to start making changes in your own life.

1. Visualize Your Goals

When you have clear, defined goals in your mind, visualise them becoming a reality. Invoke all of your senses when you imagine how your life will be, and the feelings you will have, when the changes occur. Make yourself the centre of the visualization. Return to your visualization often, replaying it in your minds’ eye.

2. Meditate on Your Desires

Meditation can be used in conjunction with the Law of Manifestation to help you to attain your wishes, goals and desires. It helps to keep your mind focused and prevents you from thinking too much about things from your past or things to come in your future. It makes you more aware of your thoughts and therefore makes you less likely to think in negative terms which can be detrimental to the Law of Manifestation working in a positive way.

3. Do Not Question the Universe Too Much

You must discipline your mind to not focus on the how, why and when. These are not matters that you need concern yourself with, indeed, obsessing over these details can impede the Law of Manifestation. The universe will hear your thoughts and act on them at the appropriate time and in the way it deems fit.

4. Have Conviction

Do not doubt that your manifestations will happen. This can affect the universal balance and prevent your dreams from becoming a reality. You cannot simultaneously believe that something will happen and also that it will not. Both types of thought will cancel each other out.

5. Examine Your Self

You cannot set positive intentions for yourself and commit negative acts. The Law of Manifestation does not operate like this. It is vital, therefore, that as well as having clear, focused thoughts that your actions towards others, nature and the universe are well-intentioned and wholesome. Ensure that your predominant qualities are kindness, compassion, respect, tolerance, happiness, gratefulness, understanding and patience, rather than jealousy, hatred, resentfulness, anger, sorrow, frustration and sadness.

6. Show Gratitude

Be grateful to the universe for providing what you have in your life right now. If you are ungrateful, you will never receive more. Instead of focusing on the things that you want, focus on the things that you have. Be thankful for all the good things, and do not waste time, energy and thought on the bad things. When you do receive things, do not forget to thank the universe for what it has given to you.

7. Be Generous and Sharing

Be generous with what you have, and when you receive more do not hoard it all. Sending out an air of abundance and plenty will attract more back to you. After all, like attracts like. Abundance attracts greater abundance. Perhaps make donations to charity, show more compassion towards people, and love unconditionally.

8. Take Positive Action

You must act upon opportunities that pass your way. Just because you have set your intentions, visualised them clearly and have belief that things will happen does not mean that you can sit back and just wait. You must also take positive steps to help your manifestations take place. Watch out for seemingly coincidental and random opportunities, as the universe does not always create explicit signposts for people to follow.

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