11 Strategies for Manifesting Abundance

manifesting abundance

All things in the universe are connected at all levels. Universal laws affect all things in the universe at all times; they are constantly working. With clear and intent focus, your thoughts are projected with certain frequencies and vibrations. Energy of the same type is attracted back to you. Everyone is capable of manifesting abundance, and the following 11 strategies should help you to make your goals become your realities.

1. Know What You Want

You must set clear and focused intentions and be sure of what you want to manifest in your life with clarity.

2. Think Positively

Positive thinking is vital for manifesting abundance. You must really believe in what you are hoping for and not let your determination and focus waver. Like attracts like, so positive thinking will attract positive results, whereas negative thinking will attract negative results. Negative thoughts therefore not only prevent positive outcomes, but also actively encourage less favourable situations. It is important to ensure that your thoughts remain in a receiving state.

Daily affirmations and meditation can help you to keep your thoughts directed.

3. Use Visualisations

Visualise your goals. Invoke all of your senses and be creative when imaging how it will be to fulfil your desires. Place yourself at the heart of the scene; these things are happening for YOU. Re-play your visualisations often.

Meditation is a great way of clearing your mind and allowing your visualisations to take place undisturbed. Make sure that you are completely relaxed and centre your thoughts on your dreams.

4. Be Patient

Once you have set your intentions and are focussing on them, allow the universe to work at its own pace. Do not attach any weight to when things will manifest, just accept that they will. Also, do not worry about how things will happen and the methods that will ensure your dreams and goals manifest. These are matters for greater powers to take care of.

Do not become obsessive with achieving your goals. Live in the present moment, be happy with what you have, and accept that with patience more is to come.

5. Have Faith

Believe deep in your inner self that anything you want is possible. Know that there is no limit to abundance in the world, and that all people can have what they desire.

6. Be Generous

Share what you do have and do not keep everything to yourself. Showing that you have enough to share will attract even more to you. This does now necessarily have to be monetary; if you are hoping to attract love, show love to others, and if you are hoping to attract success help others to become successful.

7. Take Positive Steps

Take positive action to manifest your desires. The world will give you opportunities for you to follow through on. If you are complacent or lazy, real abundance will never be yours.

8. Be Thankful

Be thankful for what you already have in your life and show gratitude for everything that you receive. Reflect upon all the reasons you have to be grateful instead of concentrating on the things that you want.

9. Act on Coincidences

Be aware of synchronicity and coincidences. Be prepared to follow paths shown to you.

10. Be Prepared to Receive

Live in a state of receiving. Be prepared to receive all that the universe has to offer you.

11. Truly Examine Your Self Attitude

Manifesting abundance is not a quick process. It requires a total overhaul in the way that you think and behave; a complete change of who you are. The way in which you view yourself is important, as only those who feel worthy and respect themselves can attain true success.

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