Best Breathing Techniques That Can Help You Relax

best breathing techniques

Breathing is a very important function that every one of us keeps on performing without even thinking about it. Being a physiological function, breathing does not require our conscious efforts and is controlled by our brain without us even thinking about it. However, in times of stress and panic, when our brain is working overtime, the physiological functions including breathing can get affected and might become erratic. Having an irregular breathing does not help a person when he is panicking or is under some sort of stress. In such circumstances, it is better to calm down using breathing techniques. The following are some of the best breathing techniques that one can utilize for calming down his nerves.

Morning Breathing

This breathing technique is to be used in the morning for relaxing the body muscles. The use of this technique is going to help in opening up the air passages in your body that had been clogged while you were asleep. The morning breathing technique requires you to bend your body from your waist while being in a standing position. While bending, make sure that your knees are slightly bent and your arms are loose at your sides. Start breathing by taking in air and slightly rising up during the process. Remember to be very slow and raise your head only after your body is completely upright again. After holding in your breath in this posture for a few seconds, start bending again in the same manner as you did before exhaling on your way down.

Deep Relaxed Breathing

Deep relaxed breathing is one of the best breathing techniques for relaxing yourself while going through a tough situation. This technique requires you to lie down on a rug and bend your knees, keeping your feet apart from each other. Keep your hands placed on your chest and abdomen while exercising this technique. Start breathing slowly inhaling and exhaling through your nose while feeling your abdomen rise with your hand. The abdomen and chest must rise with each other developing a rhythmic motion. After breathing like this three or four time, start exhaling from your mouth instead of your nose while keeping your body completely relaxed. Start taking long, deep breaths in this posture for about 5 to 10 minutes and you will feel all your muscles relaxing. One important thing to note while exercising this breathing technique is to keep your spine completely straight.

Roll Breathing

This is another of the best breathing techniques that can harmonize your breathing and can help you in making full use of your upper and lower lungs. For this breathing technique, you need to put your hand on your belly and your chest just like in deep relaxed breathing technique with your knees bent, however, the breathing style is different. In roll breathing, you will have to inhale air first into your belly and then when it is full, into your chest. After this, exhale first through your chest and then through your belly in a harmonious rolling manner. Remember to inhale with your nose and exhale with your mouth while exercising this breathing technique.

Meditation Breathing

Meditation is one of the most effective methods of relieving stress. In the same manner, meditation breathing helps a person in relaxing his mind and regularizing his breathing in times of stress. Meditation breathing requires you to sit in a relaxed manner without leaning your back in any direction. Just sit as erectly as you comfortably can and close your eyes. Try to rid your mind of all the thoughts and while doing this concentrate on your breathing. Inhale and exhale long and slow breaths, keeping your mind occupied in feeling the rise and falls of your body with your each breath. Remember that concentration and keeping your mind clear is the key to meditation breathing, and without it the technique is not going to produce the desired result.

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