The 4 Keys to Inspiration

Keys to inspiration.

Are you seeking inspiration in your life? Do you want to do great things and just need a little push in the right direction?

Merriam-Webster defines inspiration as “the act of influencing or suggesting opinions.” So, what’s the key to influencing, thereby inspiring, yourself? The answer is quite simple.

You have to know and understand yourself. Not like you know an acquaintance, but like you know your best friend you’ve had since kindergarten. You have to know yourself intimately; inside and out.

You must be aware of, and acknowledge, your limitations. What are your fears? Your concerns? What scares you or makes you anxious? What responses do you have to these types of feelings that aren’t as helpful as they could be if replaced by some other behavior?

You also have to know your strengths. What qualities or characteristics do you have that promote your feelings of self-worth? What do you do that you feel is above average?

How do you do get to know yourself on a deeper level? Here’s 4 things you can do today to feel inspired instantly:

Keep a journal. Sometimes you overlook patterns in your own thoughts or behaviors because to you they’re habit. Like when you drive to and from work every day taking the same route. You know you did it, but because it’s a daily event, you do it on auto-pilot. However, if have someone in the vehicle that has never taken those roads before, they point out things that you don’t see because you see them every day and your brain dismisses them.

Writing a journal and then reviewing it helps you look back and see things that maybe you couldn’t see at the time. Or, it may help you piece together common thoughts and beliefs that you never realized you had.

Meditate. It’s hard to find inspiration when your mind is clouded with negative emotions. By releasing them and allowing your mind to be open, you’re creating an environment that sparks creativity and inspiration.

And, to truly know yourself, you have to be able to focus solely on yourself. No interruptions. No distractions. Just you.

Meditation can help you do both of these things. It helps you find a deeper understanding of who you are and clears limiting beliefs from your mind.

Create lists. Have you ever taken the time to list all the things you’ve accomplished in your life? When you review your previous successes, it has a way of motivating or inspiring you to take action and continue to push forward. You’re proud of what you’ve accomplished in the past and want that feeling again.

Pas successes also make great anchor points. When you’re feeling like you can’t achieve your goal or aren’t making progress, go back to a time when you felt powerful and strong. Use that strength and energy to propel you toward your goal.

Ask others. Having a hard time getting to know yourself to the point where you feel inspired? Enlist the help of family and friends to enlighten you.

It can be hard to see yourself objectively. However, if you ask someone you love and trust what they see when they look at you, it may open your eyes to a you that you didn’t realize existed. They may point out strengths that you didn’t even realize you had.

And, sometimes just hearing it from someone else is enough to move you to inspiration. It’s one thing to think positive thoughts about yourself, but it’s another to hear out how great someone else thinks you are.

Find yourself and you’ll find inspiration. They go hand in hand. How’s that for inspiring?




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